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There’s more to choos­ing a fry­ing pan than sim­ply de­cid­ing on the size. Here’s what you need to know be­fore you start shop­ping.


Zwill­ing Twin Choice Cook­ware 28cm Coated Fry­pan


With a flat base and alu­minium core that heat foods evenly and ef­fi­ciently, this pan is con­structed of solid alu­minium and Cer­aforce Ul­tra non-stick coat­ing. Hand wash only, and suit­able on all heat sources.

Staub 26cm Fry­ing Pan with Cast Iron Han­dle


Ver­sa­tile, matte black cast iron with an enam­elled sur­face. Start on the cook­top and transfer to the oven to fin­ish the cook­ing process. Pour­ing spouts on sides pre­vent messy spills.

Bal­lar­ini Bologna Gran­i­tium 28cm Fry­pan


Suit­able over gas, elec­tric and in­duc­tion cook­tops, this pan has a non-stick min­eral stone gran­i­tium in­ter­nal coat­ing, which is metal-tool safe and very durable. A Ther­mo­point in­di­ca­tor on the han­dle shows when the pan reaches the ideal tem­per­a­ture.

Zwill­ing 28cm Base Fry­ing Pan


A great stain­less steel pan is durable and re­sis­tant to scratches. It con­ducts heat right to the rim, and is suit­able for cook­ing over all cook­tops, in­clud­ing elec­tric, gas, ce­ramic and in­duc­tion.

Ce­ramic-coated pans (above) are made for those who like to cook without adding oils and fats. These pans are best used over a gen­tle heat for cook­ing healthy vegie meals. Ce­ramic coat­ings are PTFE and PFOA free, but still ex­hibit ex­cel­lent non-stick prop­er­ties.

Non-stick pans are life­savers when it comes time to cook foods like fish, ve­g­ies, pan­cakes or eggs. They work best over a gen­tle heat and are great if you pre­fer to cook with lit­tle-to-no fat in the pan. Ex­tend the life of non-stick pans by only us­ing wooden or plas­tic uten­sils for stir­ring and flip­ping, as scratches can dam­age the coat­ing.

Stain­less steel pans are an­other good op­tion for the perfect sear, but this ma­te­rial is flavour-neu­tral. High-qual­ity prod­ucts can with­stand high tem­per­a­tures, which is perfect for fry­ing, and high-grade stain­less steel is very hy­gienic. You’ll need to add fat or oil to the pan and let it heat through be­fore adding in­gre­di­ents for cook­ing.

Cast iron pans are great for sear­ing, adding a de­li­cious crust to steaks. Cast iron in­ten­si­fies flavours and gives off a de­li­cious roast­ing aroma. It con­ducts heat evenly and re­tains it ex­cep­tion­ally well, and a good cast-iron pan can last you a life­time. It’s suit­able for all cook­tops (elec­tric, gas, ce­ramic and in­duc­tion).

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