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The vacuum comes in one set de­sign and colour­ing of pur­ple and sil­ver.

The vacuum has a floor­head with in­te­grated wheels mak­ing it easy to move around a room giv­ing it a light­weight feel.

The main thing Black and Decker want to high­light is the fact that there are no cords to be seen on this vacuum, so you don’t need to run around the house look­ing for out­lets while clean­ing.

You can pull the main sec­tion out and use it as a mini vac with its 1.2m ‘flexi hose’ for hard to reach cor­ners, bench­tops and awk­ward of ar­eas around the home that a nor­mal vacuum head can’t get.

It has a con­trol cen­tre above the dust bowl where it you con­trol the suc­tion power, see how much bat­tery is left, turn the beater bar on and a light show­ing the sta­tus of the fil­ter.

The vacuum has a built-in cot­ton scented fil­ter keep­ing the house smell fresh re­mov­ing pet smells or any other un­pleas­ant odours.

The dust bowl is one litre which comes with a ‘spe­cial han­dle’ to com­press the dust vol­ume in­side adding more room in­side and re­mov­ing de­bris from the fil­ter keep­ing the in­side clean.

The vacuum comes with smart fil­ter tech­nol­ogy that alerts a user when build-up is de­tected with a warn­ing light turn­ing on no­ti­fy­ing a user that the fil­ter needs to be cleaned.

When emp­ty­ing the dust bowl there is a ‘con­ve­nient quick-re­lease mech­a­nism’ aka a but­ton to re­move dust bowl and then an­other but­ton to open the con­tainer and empty it out.

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