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Clean Ion Shower

The KCF30JW’s ‘Clean Ion Shower’ op­er­ates at max­i­mum air­flow for the first 10 min­utes, be­fore trig­ger­ing shower con­di­tions for the next 50 min­utes. The unit will then al­ter­nate be­tween MAX and LOW fan set­tings for 20 min­utes each.

With a strong air­flow for the first 60 min­utes, the KCF30JW dis­perses a high den­sity of Plas­mas­clus­ter Ions, to re­duce static elec­tric­ity and make it eas­ier to cap­ture haze par­ti­cle via its fil­tra­tion sys­tem.

Hu­mid­i­fy­ing Sys­tem

For asthma and al­lergy suf­fer­ers, cor­rect home hu­mid­ity is of ut­most im­por­tance, whilst im­prov­ing symp­toms of dry throat, eyes and skin.

Sharp’s KCF30JW also as­sesses home hu­mid­ity, chang­ing func­tion­al­ity to main­tain op­ti­mum lev­els.


Sev­eral in-built sen­sors en­sure air qual­ity is con­tin­u­ally mon­i­tored, with fan speed and its Plas­maclus­ter

Ion func­tion ac­ti­vat­ing when needed.

The unit also senses when a room has be­come too dry, re­leas­ing mois­ture into the air ac­cord­ingly.

Dried air­flow is con­se­quently ac­ti­vated when hu­mid­ity reaches de­sired lev­els, pre­vent­ing mould growth.

In ad­di­tion to the KCF30JW, Sharp’s port­fo­lio of high-tech air pu­ri­fiers can ac­com­mo­date a wide va­ri­ety of homes and bud­gets.

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