new sharp mi­crowace de­liv­ers ex­cel­lent con­vec­tion, grilling and mi­crowave cook­ing

When it comes to Mi­crowaves, which is one of the most im­por­tant and of­ten one of the most-used ap­pli­ances in the home, Ja­panese brand Sharp is up there with the best.

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This is a Com­pany who were one of the first to de­liver mi­crowave tech­nol­ogy for Aus­tralian homes and their all new R890EBS 11000w Mid­size Smart Con­vec­tion Mi­crowave Oven de­liv­ers sev­eral ca­pa­bil­i­ties whether fan be forced con­vec­tion cook­ing, grilling or mi­crowav­ing in a stain­less-steel oven.

The un­lock key to this de­vice is an all new pro­ces­sor that de­liv­ers in­tel­li­gent in­struc­tions to the screen, this pro­ces­sor also al­lows the ‘Smart In­verter’ to iden­tify un­even cook­ing and hotspots.

I tested this de­vice by cook­ing both a roast and then grilling sausages. The process was quick and above all con­ve­nient then popped in a cake mix and just like our main­stream oven this mi­crowave de­liv­ered. This de­vice is also good when cook­ing fish.

In fact, I am ques­tion­ing whether this ap­pli­ance should be called a mi­crowave as this name is of­ten as­so­ci­ated with the quick heat­ing up of food.

With a rec­om­mended re­tail price of $ 429.00 this de­vice is sell­ing at The Good Guys.

It doesn’t mat­ter whether you want to bake a cake or roast a chicken this de­vice is de­signed to make the task easy with pre-set tem­per­a­ture set­tings based on weight.

For ex­am­ple, if you are cook­ing a chicken en­ter the weight on the la­bel and the Sharp mi­crowave will tell you how long it will take you to cook. Also handy is the pre­heat func­tion which is great to warm your oven be­fore cook­ing your dishes. The fan-forced con­vec­tion heat is cir­cu­lated around the oven cav­ity which makes for bet­ter cook­ing es­pe­cially when it comes fin­ish­ing off a bake and you want a crispy brown skin.

In this de­vice there is a heat­ing el­e­ment around the fan at the back of the cav­ity, as well as a heat­ing el­e­ment at the top of the cav­ity.

This heat­ing el­e­ment works to heat up the air be­fore be­ing blown and cir­cu­lated by the fan al­low­ing hot air to be evenly dis­trib­uted in­side. This process is also known as “Fan-Forced.”

Ac­cord­ing to Sharp by us­ing a pre-pro­grammed heat in their con­vec­tion mi­crowaves means that you are guar­an­teed ac­cu­rate tem­per­a­tures and even heat­ing around the unit, en­sur­ing per­fect re­sults ev­ery time. All of Sharps Aus­tralian mi­crowaves are lo­cally tested to suit Aus­tralian tastes.

Some con­vec­tion mod­els even fea­ture spe­cific Aus­tralian themed Auto Menus such as the “meat pie” re­heat op­tion.


This is a solid fam­ily work­horse that can be eas­ily op­er­ated and above all it de­liv­ers ex­cel­lent cook­ing out­put.

The fact you can eas­ily switch from grilling to con­vec­tion to mi­crowave cook­ing makes it an ideal ad­di­tion for any home.

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