Mr Wil­son is lead­ing the way …

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MEAN­WHILE in the dun­geons …

“I tawt I saw a pud­dty cat … I did, I did!” Barry joked. “Re­mem­ber that show …?”

“Hush now, Tweety Bird, there’s work to be done!” Katana replied, grate­ful that Barry couldn’t see her smile.

If he thought his jokes were funny, he’d never stop.

Blocked by a metal grate, free­dom for Barry and Katana was so close, yet still so far.

“Yeah come on Barry, help me fig­ure out how I’m garn to get you two out of here …” Dean said, pulling on the grate with all his might.

Up un­til this point, he’d thought his part of the plan was the easy part.

Frus­trated, Dean passed his torch through the grate to Katana and Barry.

“Here, use this and see if there’s any­thing lay­ing around in there that might help me get you out.”

The only light in the dungeon flick­ered as if the bulb was com­ing to the end of its day, but with the help of Dean’s torch, Barry and Katana fi­nally had enough light to ex­plore the shad­ows around them.

Covered with a layer of crawl­ing damp and mould, their prison def­i­nitely looked bet­ter in the dark.

Crum­pled and scat­tered every­where were mounds of dirty clothes and rags that mice and spi­ders had made their home.

Katana crouched down and peered at some­thing on the ground, as a patch of shadow moved into the torch­light, re­veal­ing it­self to be Mr Wil­son.

With a meow and a flick of his tail, Mr Wil­son winked at the or­phans, and then darted away from them, up onto one of the mounds.

Jump­ing higher, the cat leapt from one mound to an­other be­fore dis­ap­pear­ing into thin, stinky sock smelling air.

“I tawt I saw a….” Barry be­gan.

Grab­bing his arm and pulling him to­wards the mounds, Katana said, “We did, we did, now let’s go!”

Fol­low­ing the cat’s path, they climbed up onto the mounds and into what seemed to be an old chute.

Pulling them­selves up and out into what they could only as­sume was a laun­dry.

It ap­peared as though no one had used the room for some time.

The win­dows were dirty and smeared, the lights were shim­mer­ing with cob­webs and a cloud of dust hung over ev­ery­thing.

“Oh wow, smart kitty” said Katana as she bent down to stroke the cat’s fluffy back.

Notic­ing the note still pinned to Mr Wil­son’s col­lar, Katana softly re­moved it and be­gan read­ing it out loud to Barry …

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