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LIFESTYLE 14 THURSDAY DECEMBER 6 2018 PORT DOUGLAS & MOSSMAN GAZETTE Beyond the Black Stump Zodiac forecasts OSCAR CAINER with What sign are you? Find out free at www.cainer.com As we approach the end of the year (heralded by the Solstice later this month), thoughts naturally turn to the passage of time and what the future holds. And with Venus moving on from her opposition with Uranus, our hearts will more easily settle in a new and positive direction. Yet, with this month’s skies lacking the elemental energy of the air signs, good perspective will be required. Uranus’ penultimate link with Neptune hints at bolts from the blue that will need fitting into the equation. And, with Jupiter in Sagittarius there’s plenty of reason for optimism. aries taurus Mar 21 – Apr 20 Apr 21 – May 21 Isn’t it great when we plan important changes, take action and everything runs smoothly and predictably? Well, it would be great if that ever happened! Or… maybe not? Perhaps, like a lunch meeting between people who don’t really like each other, it would be unnerving. It seems like a good idea in theory, but in reality it puts everyone on edge. You won’t need to tiptoe around any elephants this month. They’ll make too much of a ruckus to be ignored. But once they have your attention you’ll find them surprisingly easy to deal with. It’s December! Here’s a message that will lift your spirits! Call 1900 959 005. Thanks to your ruler moving backwards, you’ve spent time assessing your values and your emotional needs. Since Venus spent much of her retrograde journey opposite the great disrupter, Uranus, you may have come to some surprising realisations. But the time for questioning is over. December brings the chance to recognise what you want, and to pursue it. Once you begin to do so, misunderstandings with someone important will clear up, sources of confusion will subside, and a clear path forward will emerge. It’s December! Here’s a message that will lift your spirits! Call 1900 959 005. Insanity Streak gemini cancer May 22 – Jun 22 Jun 23 – Jul 23 They say that practice makes perfect. But some things, no matter how many times we rehearse them, rely on us being able to rise to the occasion. Ask a footballer about penalty shoot-outs and they’ll point out how practice has little influence on the success rate in an important game. It’s almost impossible to replicate the effects of pressure and adrenalin. As Mercury ends its retrograde period this month, you’ll have a revelation about a habit you’ve fallen into. A breakthrough inspiration will show you a more effective way. It’s December! Here’s a message that will lift your spirits! Call 1900 959 005. Cancerians always have an extra reason to celebrate the festive season. Though your ruler, the Moon, visits your sign throughout the year, it’s only after the December Solstice that it grows full in your sign. So although you’re about as far away from birthday cake and candles as it’s possible to be, be willing to welcome light into your life later this month. Particularly when it comes to key relationships, you’ll find that with subtle hints and creative communication, you’re on the receiving end of exactly what you’d wished for. It’s December! Here’s a message that will lift your spirits! Call 1900 959 005. Swamp TWOSPEED CROSSWORD 11 X 11 Release No. 3653 TWO880 leo virgo Jul 24 – Aug 23 Aug 24 - Sep 23 wGas trheid For thousands of years, the Pyramid of Giza tallest structure on the planet. This ancient wonder of the world has, of course, now been dwarfed by skyscrapers. Seeing life from above makes our problems seem smaller and easier to put into context – which could be why we’ve always been so keen on building towers. The Solstice marks the moment when the hemispheres begin a new race to the bottom or the top. For you, it’s a time for imagination and vision. Take a broader view, and more than you think will become possible. It’s December! Here’s a message that will lift your spirits! Call 1900 959 005. 7 Combo crossword I remember being in a car with my father and my uncle, with them bantering back and forth, as only brothers do. At one point my dad pointed out that his sibling had made a grammatical error. ‘I hate to be a pedant, but you’ve used that term incorrectly,’ he said. From the back seat I interjected: ‘I hate to be a pedant, Dad, but you LOVE to be a pedant!’ As your ruler ends its retrograde phase this month, you’ll find it easier to understand your problems and make your points more eloquently. Just make sure they’re worth making! It’s December! Here’s a message that will lift your spirits! Call 1900 959 005. Quick clues 1 2 3 4 5 6 ACROSS 1 Food articles 7 Line of hills 8 Sportsground 11 Numbers 12 Merited 14 Young men 16 Simple 19 Danger 22 Shelter 24 Looking at 25 A bird 26 Rebuilt 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 libra scorpio 19 20 21 Sep 24 - Oct 23 Oct 24 - Nov 22 22 23 DOWN When Venus visits a sign, she bestows love, wealth, kindness and companionship. When Venus is the ruler of that sign (as with Libra) her abundance is even greater. It’s just that this time, she came into your sign in reverse. So it’s understandable that you’re wary of false promises and empty gestures. Yet the planet of love is moving forward again and, as she makes her final opposition with Uranus, it’s time to embrace the changes she’s brought. You’re about to be given far more than what you fear you have lost. It’s December! Here’s a message that will lift your spirits! Call 1900 959 005. My grandmother was renowned for giving gifts she really wanted for herself. She’d hand you a book, then, the next time you visited she’d make sure to enquire about whether you’d enjoyed it - and ask to see if she could borrow it! I mention this because, as Venus re-enters your sign in December, it suggests that something precious is being returned to you. Yet, the fact that it disappeared at all suggests that you needn’t focus on what you have, because it’s who you are that matters. And in that regard you’ll have all you need this month. 1 Part of an arch 2 Coined 3 Smudge 4 Silly 5 Right to own 6 Springs 9 Jockey 10 Tidings 13 Pale 15 Absent 17 Skilful 18 Pulled roughly 20 Ire 21 Church passage 22 Listen to 23 Competes 24 25 26 Auspac Media CSroyluptitoinc nceluxteisssue DOWN The FeatItu’srDeescePmeboerp!Hleere’s 1 Decor believed to be partly projection from a wall 2 NT dime newly coined 3 Spread oil over act of defamation 4 Quite childish in a new part 5 Right to hold a different line 6 Special, as bathing places 9 Addition to document for a horseman 10 It’s in the paper showing fresh single 13 Very pale as a layer follows . . . 15 . . . a method at a distance rodCchoanmgebs itoto 17 A 18 Tugged at common American reporter 20 Stir up with new gear change 21 A small piece of real estate in church 22 Listen to soun d in th is plac 23 Contends for s uperio rit y w ith vic tor y thatWisr soe om nS st3 arting a message that will lift your spirits! Call 1900 959 005. ACCRoOSmS bo Crossword No. 3653 PO Box 8271 Bundall Qld Australia 4217 Telephone: (07) 5553 3200 ree: 1 Arrives with bites left off things to eat 7 Extent of cAhaCinRoOn mSoSuntains 8 O neFneoaor action 11 NumLbienres porifmhtyilplses dress up to 12 WorSkepdonretsargtrouubnled journalist 14 YouNthus men now 16 RelaMxiengript erdson takes it, they say 19 HarYd last letters as 22 Have new start in safe place 214 ObeDyainng out old boy watching 225 SouSndhepaltret orf plant for a wading bir1d7 226 DetLeor coukrsinergwhaetn reformed and br1o ughPt bualclek 2 Coined 3 Smudge 4 Silly 5 Right to own 6 Springs 9 Jockey 1so 0 13 Pale 15 Absent Skilful das rboeufogrehly sagittarius capricorn 1 7 8 11 12 14 otouhnogld mfirset nand 16 Simple 9 gweithr 2 4 25 A bird 26 Rebuilt dneawrftiiecldleosf Nov 23 - Dec 21 Dec 2 2 - Jan 20 It seems as if no matter who you ask, you’re reTcoeilvlinFg an unsatisfactory response to an important qFueasxtio n. It might be easier if you were hearing an emphatic ‘No!’ But you’re being fobbed off with vague and slippery responses to your requests for calauristyp. This week, as your ruler makes important aligVnimseint tos,ur you can expect to see a clearer route ahead. progress in the air. Begin by believing you’re entitled to see forward movement. Then, be tenacious, even pushy. You can easily move past any obstacles. Let the light of this Full Moon show you the way to a happier, more harmonious life. Call your latest forecast: 1900 959 005. D1ec8e0m0be6rb5r2ing2s8th4e Solstice, a sign that your (b0ir7th)da5y5,i5sn3ea3r2ly0h1ere. But, the passage of time stirs those existential questions such as, ‘Have I achieved everything I wanted to this year?’ and, ‘What else aunswers are probably, ‘No!’ ‘Lots’! But that’s only natural when you have expectations. You’ve achieved quite a lot by other people’s reckoning. The real question is, ‘Am I capable of getting where I want to be?’ The answer, according to the heavens, is a resounding ‘Yes’! It’s December! Here’s a message that will lift your 1900 959 005. : marebdearsshing Eexmcusaeisl: [email protected]?o’Tmhe. urcTeiodfidnagnsger sitea:nd, Sbeoinlguentioiousn No. 3n 6h 5s 33 wThwerew’s.auspachmigehdstiaan.dcaordmsa.andudemanding COMESTIBLES O I M N I P RANGE ARENA B T Ae NINE Sn E E A R N E D LADS EAS Yb W HAZARD A HAVEN I R N E Y I N G S T3 O6 R. Ko A E E L I EE R E S U R R E C T DR 8 20 Ire 21 Church passage 22 Listen to 23 Competes Note to Esdpiirittso!Cra:ll Created in QUARK XPRESS Vers. 4.03 Items not needed for publication can be as each is inpaissecpearsatFeebte20x-tMbaor x20. DOWN SW oD lutions Sudoku 1 Part of an arch aquarius Jan 21 - Feebr1a9sed Cryptic Clues No. 3653 We’re told that promising too much and failing to deliver is worse than consistently performing below expectations. But not everyone is comfortable with coasting along. If it weren’t for people who push themselves and strive for something, then the vast majority of progress would never take place. This month, you may be tempted to question whether a change is worth the toll it’s taking. Only you can make thCatrteheated: that call. But celestial influences indicate bank of resources you have to draw upon aCre than you think. It’s December! Here’s a message that will lift your spirits! Call 1900 959 005. The gulf between fantasy and reality is not as huge as we think and, with the right resources, most things are achievable. So when we dismiss ideas as unworkable, all we’re really saying is that they’re not possible right now, in our current situation. If something far-fetched is worth doing this month, you’ll find that ingenuity and passion more than make up for any hurdles of a materialistic nature - especially if you inspire vision. Faith, enthusiasm and an .ar1ey5o9ur5most valuable assets in December. It’s December! Here’s a message that will lift your 1r9y00 959 005. The rules are simple. Fill in all the squares in the grid so that each row numCbeors fmromb1 too 9.SYoou’rleunott contains all the anlleoweldyto miss a number or double up on one. The same rules apply for thAe repeats or omissions. You must also end up the numbers 1-9 in each of group of nine squares on the grid. EK ion No. 3653 ACROSS NT dime coined Spread oil over act defamation Quite childish in a new part Right to hold a different line Special, as bathing places Addition to document for a horseman 10 It’s in the paper 2 CcoRluOmnSsSno DOWNI 1 Arrives with bites left off things to eat Extent of chain on mountains One near new field of action Numbers prim types dress up to Worked near troubled journalist Youths are dashing men now CorbelN MinteS dE Sm e6 a3 r. Inane Lien Spas Rider News Ashen Away Adroit 1 Comestibles 7 Range 8 Arena 11 Nines 12 Earned 4 16 9 22 Haven 24 Eying 25 Stork 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 10 13 15 17 3 7 Aoltehexrs Ftoisnhadrelayoyur rdeeapteor r CroadsvsewntuororudssNpiroit Qxpress: Checked: Rspoirsites!mCaall 4 8 5 11 6 12 Teletopia. Max call cost $1.32 per minute, including GST. Higher charges from mobiles/payphones may apply. Customer care: 1300 366 702 9 14 CRGE01Z01MA - V1

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