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14 THURSDAY DECEMBER 13 2018 PORT DOUGLAS & MOSSMAN GAZETTE Beyond the Black Stump Zodiac forecasts OSCAR CAINER with What sign are you? Find out free at www.cainer.com With Mercury marching forward again, after its not-always-so-tactical retreat, the planet of communication re-enters Sagittarius this week and reawakens the reasons for setting off on a particular path. Instead of questioning every decision, it now brings the promise of satisfaction. This bodes well for next week’s resumption of Uranus and Neptune’s tricky relationship (which has been in and out of focus since August 2017). Even if choices aren’t clear-cut, the ability to think on our feet will make all the difference. aries taurus Mar 21 – Apr 20 Apr 21 – May 21 You’re beginning to feel as if you’ve lost interest in a project you’ve been focused on for some time. The energy and commitment you felt seem to have dissipated. Yet, even though this might feel as if something’s coming to an end, the reality is that you’re reacting to one of life’s natural ebbs and flows. As Mercury now moves direct in the sky, it brings the hope of new beginnings. Rather than battling on in the same old tired way, new ways to make progress are being revealed. You’re about to develop a much more effective plan. Great news between now and Christmas. Call your Moon-sign forecast: 1900 959 005. According to the ancient myths, Pandora was delighted when she was given the box. Even though she knew that she was forbidden to open it, her curiosity got the better of her. It was easy to unlock after all. That’s when all the evils and troubles were released into the world. In many ways, we’re fortunate that she was so inquisitive and disobedient. She became the person on whom the bad things of life could be blamed. This week, think carefully before being tempted to do something just because it’s easy. There’s a better option. Valuable news between now and Christmas. Call your Moon-sign forecast: 1900 959 005. Insanity Streak gemini cancer May 22 – Jun 22 Jun 23 – Jul 23 The task that lies before you may look so vast that you’re tempted just to give up, but, now that your ruler is moving forward across the skies, you can throw your pessimism away. It’s time to roll up your sleeves! There’s work to be done and you have the expertise and energy to do it. It’s not like you to feel defeated by something. Just beneath the surface of doubt lies a bright spark of hope. You might need to give yourself a good talking to, but if you succeed in mustering up some energy, you’ll make excellent progress this week. Exciting news between now and Christmas. Call your Moon-sign forecast: 1900 959 005. For some time, you’ve been hoping to bring about meaningful change in your life, but, although you’ve come close to achieving it, you haven’t managed to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. The final details have proved difficult to fix. Like trying to find soap in the bath, it seems that something vital keeps slipping through your fingers. Now that Mercury has changed signs, clarity is on its way. You’ll soon be able to see the effectiveness of the preparations you’ve made. The groundbreaking work is done. The rewards will be worth reaping. Great news between now and Christmas. Call your Moon-sign forecast: 1900 959 005. Swamp TWOSPEED CROSSWORD 11 X 11 Release No. 3654 TWO880 leo virgo Jul 24 – Aug 23 Aug 24 - Sep 23 SGtop!rid Wouldn’t everything be wonderful if only…? Completing that sentence will only make you feel more frustrated. You have a list as long as your arm of things that would be wonderful to have in your life. Yet, when you take a closer look at what you’re wishing for, only a few of those items are essential. These are the things you need to be focusing on this week. Some plans need immediate attention. Some preparations need to be made. You’ll only be able to add the cherry to a cake that’s been baked. Stop resisting! Valuable news between now and Christmas. Call your Moon-sign forecast: 1900 959 005. 8 Combo crossword Remember the monster who lived in the cracks on the pavement? It was always waiting to jump out and scare you if you accidentally stepped on one of the lines. No matter how much time you spent trying to avoid it, you’d inevitably forget and then… what? Were you ever stricken down in your tracks? Or were you just lucky? Was it asleep when you broke the rules? We often try to appease imaginary deities in the shape of people who are difficult to please. With your ruler moving forwards again, it’s time to honour your own needs. Exciting news between now and Christmas. Call your Moon-sign forecast: 1900 959 005. 1 2 3 4 5 Quick clues ACROSS 1 Coffin stand 6 Type of chalice 7 Leaving 8 Uninteresting 11 Or nearest offer (abb) 12 Not home 13 Shreds 15 Ogles 16 Lots of people 18 Dangerous criminals 6 7 8 9 10 11 libra scorpio 12 13 14 DOWN Sep 24 - Oct 23 Oct 24 - Nov 22 1 Vehicle 2 Attempted 3 Add to 4 Don ... (Book character) 5 Rapt 6 Pranced around 9 Chats 10 Performer 14 Weary 17 Used to be Although getting along with a particular individual in Even though your prediction doesn’t contain many your world hasn’t always been easy, an improvement words, and takes very little time to read, it can take is on the way. As Mercury moves forwards it brings ages for me to write it! Sometimes it feels as if the the potential to sort out a complicated matter which space isn’t big enough. Yet, advice is most effective has put a relationship under great strain. Where when it’s kept simple. You feel as if you’re facing procedures have been challenging, you can expecTt impeding your progress and see gentle progress. If you’ve been worrying about the making you feel as if you have no room to manoeuvre. future of an enterprise (which has felt perilouPs)OtheBox suppose it’s there for a reason? You’re being main reason for your concern is about to dissBipautne.dAasll from making any wrong moves. This week, ease of communication grows, historic probleAmussctarnalia follow your intuition, you have the space to do be solved. what you need to do. Great news between now and Christmas. CalTlyeoluerphone: V(a0lu7a)bl5e5n5ew3s now and Christmas. Call your Moon-sign forecast: 1900 959 005. M1oo8n0-s0ign6f5or2ec2as8t:41900 959 005. 15 16 17 Auspac Media htoe FeaatnuorbesstacPleewohpiclheis 18 827Ye1t, Qlpdrevented 4i2fy1o7u Solution next issue DOWN Cryptic clues 3be2t0w0een (07) 5553 3201 1 Vehicle for leaders in carriage 2 Made an attempt in court maybe 3 Month model held people to increase in size 4 Quiet little oxen about whom Cervantes wrote 5 AbsorbCedoinmfinbishokeSepoinglucotmioplente 6 Danced and played for fun and heard as played for stakes 9 Ten tars to turn to tal ks 10 Treat is provided for public entertainer 14 Made weary re tur n i n ha rd er itin era ry 17 Used to be noticed in reverse ACCRoOSmS bo Crossword No. 3654 Toll Free: Fax: A fact equal in composure for a body support 6 Good bar 7 L eavCingooffnine instaabnedll 8 Ordinary pedestrian 11 SomLeetoagvoi ngow or nearest offers shortly 12 Final two you got dismissed 131R agOgerd akers 15 Side(aglbanbc)es from turning reels 16 Push together bird and daughter 181V erSy bhardetdypses to speed wildly on ba d roCadhs AcuCp ROSS DOWN Email: sagittarius capricorn 1 6 Type of chalice 7 8 Uninteresting 1 ncleotahrinegsotf olafcfeemr Vehicle Attempted Add to Don ... (Book character) 5 Rapt 6 Pranced around 9 ats 10 Performer 14 Weary 17 Used to be 1 2 3 4 Nov 23 - Dec 21 Dec 2 2 - Jan 20 [email protected] Nkeyo. 3654 Visit our site: It’s that time of year… too much to do and too little time. No wonder you’re feeling anxious. Yet aren’t Capricorns supposed to be able to cope with anything? What’s happened to your legendary ability to stay unruffled in a crisis? The truth, is that if you really do need to be calm, you can be. But you don’t need to test yourself out. The problem, is that you’re experiencing an over-reaction. When you change your approach, you’ll realise that you can easily change anything else that needs sorting, no matter how tricky it looks. Great news between now and Christmas. Call your 1900 959 005. Quick! Look up! Is it a bird… or a plane? No! It’s SuperSag… faster than the speed of light, able to leap to the rescue in the blink of an eye. Hmmm, might I be exaggerating just a little? Am I stretching the boundaries of our imaginations and projecting an extraordinary ability on to an ordinary person? Definitely not! With Mercury joining your ruler and the Sun in your sign, watch out for new opportunities lining themselves up to form a queue on your doorstep. Your outlook not only looks exciting, it’s likely to continue for some time to come. Exciting news between now and Christmas. Call your Moon-sign forecast: 1900 959 005. www.auspacmedia.com.au C A TAFALQUE A R U U N G R A I L G O I N G A E M X R MUNDANE ONO B A R N T Sd OUT TATTER Ss L T I I Ee LEERS CRO W Dm E R T E As DESPERADO Sn 12 Not home 3 15 Ogles 16 Lots of people 18 Dangerous criminals Note to EMdooint-soigrn:forecast: Created in QUARK XPRESS Vers. 4.03 Items not needed for publication can be erased as each is in a separate text box. Combo Solution NN SoW o.D l3u6t5io4nsS Sudoku Cryptic Clues No. 3654 aquarius pisces ACROSS DOWN Jan 21 - Feb 19 Feb 20- Mar 20 court maybe 1 Catafalque Month model held 6 Grail people tocoi 7 Going size 8 ndoduabnleeup Quiet littleThoe xsaemne 1 ocolumns about whom 12 Out Cervantes wrote 13 Tatters Absorbed in finish 15 Leers keeping complete 16 Crowd key 18 Desperados Danced and playeSdolutions, for fun and heard as played for stakes Ten tars to turn to talks 10 Treat is provided for Car TriedE AugmeW nO t QuixoS teT EngroO sN sI edO 6 GamN bollU ed 9 NatteE rsU 10 Ar ti5 s6 te3 14 Tired 17 Was 1 2 3 4 ACROSS As I look at what’s happening in the sky I’m reminded of the Steve Miller Band lyric, ‘Time keeps on slipping, into the future’. As your ruler prepares to connect to Neptune, it brings a sense of déjà vu… as vaguely remembered dreams become part of your reality. Something that you’ve only dared imagine is starting to happen. Despite some challenging unexpected factors to deal with, as Mr Miller suggested, you can ‘fly like an eagle’. All you need do is stay focuCserdeoanted: what you feel in your heart of hearts and stay true to that. Valuable news between now and ChristmasQ. Caxllpyroeurss: Moon-sign forecast: 1900 959 005. Although there’s a lot to cope with and change afoot, one thing is certain. Your traditional ruler, Jupiter (in its new home) is bringing opportunities your way. As Neptune prepares to link to Uranus (the planet of unexpected surprises) you might need to watch out for uncharacteristic moments of recklessness. Rather than impulsively pushing projects forward, you’ll gain more from expending your energy with care. You’ll benefit of the tide rather than creating waves of change. It’s heading in the right direction. Exciting news between now and Christmas. Call your Moon-sign forecast: 1900 959 005. The rules are simple. Fill in all the squares in the grid so that each row ntcarinesaasllethiennumbers from 1 to 9. You’re not allowed to miss a num beMr our on one. rules appl1y forOthne no repeats or5 omissions. You must also end up the numbers 1-9 in each of group of nine squares on the grid. 1 A fact equal in composure for a body support Good bar cup Leaving one in a bell Ordinary pedestrian Some to go now or nearest offers shortly Final two you got dismissed Ragged clothing of lace makers Side glances from turning reels Push together bird 3 6 7 8 11 4 AbylegxoinFgwinithdtlhaeyflow Creator Crossword No. 1596 5 12 6 Checked: Rosemary 13 Teletopia. Max call cost $1.32 per minute, including GST. Higher charges from mobiles/payphones may apply. Customer care: 1300 366 702 15 9 16 CRGE01Z01MA - V1

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