Place prop un­der ster­num and lie face down with legs hip-width apart and right arm un­der fore­head.

Prevention (Australia) - - Functional Fitness -

STEP 1: Flex leg mus­cles un­til knees come up off the floor and push off right arm, lift­ing left arm straight along­side ear as if try­ing to touch ceil­ing with thumb.

STEP 2: Pull shoul­ders down your back and ex­tend spine, us­ing right arm to help ro­tate torso to left. STEP 3: Brace and hold 20 to 30 sec­onds per side, breath­ing into belly and rib cage. Re­peat 3 times on each side.

A strong, func­tional core is re­silient like a rub­ber band. If your abs are al­ways tense, say from suck­ing in your belly, you lose

strength and range of mo­tion.

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