Mitchel­ton’s Ir­ish- born Dane on hoover­ing, par­ent­ing and win­ning at the Tour de Suisse

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What is your favourite climb?

Grow­ing up in the Wick­low Moun­tains I would say that the climb that I want to go back and ride the most is the one that led up to where we lived. It was in the mid­dle of nowhere and didn’t have a name, so we called it Twisty Road. It’s one of the climbs that I’ve rid­den the most and I’d love to go back there and ride it again. I haven’t been in Ire­land enough since I moved.

Who do you think is the best do­mes­tique in the pelo­ton?

Other than my­self? No, I think I’m cer­tainly rid­ing with one of them - Mat Hay­man. He’s def­i­nitely one of the best there is in terms of his ex­pe­ri­ence and his pres­ence within the bunch. Then I’d say it has to be Geraint Thomas con­sid­er­ing he’s just won the Tour.

Who is your fun­ni­est team-mate?

Rid­ing with An­ders Lund, who’s a good friend of mine – I’ve had many laughs with him – and Matti Breschel. When the three of us were to­gether [at Tinkoff] we were con­stantly laugh­ing and en­joy­ing our­selves. We still hang out and talk a lot at home.

What is your se­cret tal­ent?

I’m sur­pris­ingly good at clean­ing up. But it’s im­pos­si­ble to con­vince the soigneurs that when I’m at home I do the hoover­ing and do the clean­ing. When they see the state of my room and es­pe­cially my suit­case they find it im­pos­si­ble to be­lieve. My wife is pleased about it!

What was the last app that you down­loaded?

I down­loaded a soon-to-be-dad app, be­cause we’re ex­pect­ing our first child. I needed to down­load some­thing – or read some­thing – about be­com­ing a fa­ther. My mis­sus has been in­form­ing me on it a lot and we’ve been do­ing all that pre-par­ent­hood to­gether. I’m not an app per­son to be hon­est, they stress

"There was a lot of pres­tige in win­ning the Sta­mullen GP and bring­ing home a tro­phy al­most the size of the boot of the car"

me out. She’s due on 30 Oc­to­ber, so the app tells me what week she’s at. I find it con­fus­ing; some say she’s week 27 plus zero, or week 26 plus seven. It makes very lit­tle sense to me.

What’s the best prize you’ve won at a race?

In Ire­land it was mainly tro­phies – mas­sive, gi­gan­tic, plas­tic tro­phies. When I was an un­der­eight rider there was a lot of pres­tige in win­ning Sta­mullen Grand Prix and bring­ing home a tro­phy that was al­most the size of the boot of the car. Oth­er­wise, it’s the Tour de Suisse, where I won a bowl, some salad dress­ing, and a box of ap­ples.

What’s been the tough­est day you’ve had on the bike?

I had some hor­ri­ble days the first time I did a grand tour. That was the Giro in 2014. It wasn’t ill­ness, but se­ri­ous fa­tigue and bi­cy­cle man flu. I think my body was in shock from do­ing its first grand tour.

What’s the story be­hind one of your scars?

I have one on my wrist from a crash in the 2015 Mi­lan-San Remo, which hap­pened to­wards the fi­nal. That re­sulted in a bro­ken scaphoid, but I only re­alised nine months later.

I just thought it was a sprained wrist. When I found out, I had it op­er­ated on and I have a small scar, but that’s one of my only few war sto­ries. I try to talk it up a bit – I did Flan­ders and Roubaix and the Giro with a bro­ken scaphoid. If you put that in the an­swer, then it’s bet­ter.

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