Procycling - - REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2018 -

Josu Lar­raz­a­bal, head of per­for­mance at Trek-Se­gafredo, looks over the data of Ar­dennes rider Ts­gabu Gr­may to as­sess the di iculty of the two races Both races are char­ac­terised by a long se­quence of climbs and hard e forts. Key e forts at Am­s­tel aren’t longer than ive min­utes – but at Liège it’s 10. This is the main di fer­ence be­tween cob­bled Clas­sics riders who can climb strongly for up to ive min­utes, and do well at Am­s­tel, and the climbers. It means riders who suc­ceed at Liège will be stronger, punchier climbers. The longer climbs make the race stead­ier with less time at peaks of over 7w/kg and high ca­dence, but more time is spent over 90 per cent of max­i­mum heart rate.

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