Sunweb’s Australian GC hope on winning ham, and disliking power meters


Where’s home?

When I turned pro I moved to Girona. It seemed like the best option: there are loads of guys, and heaps of support. Everyone can show you what to do, and there are lots of good training rides. I’m from just outside Perth in Western Australia, the city of isolation. When I saw there were cases of coronaviru­s there, I really knew this was a pandemic.

What’s your favourite race?

In Perth, we have this mad Boxing Day ride called Boxing Day Papas. Every man and his dog rides out. On open roads, we loop round the river at about half six in the morning. It’s the best thing ever.

What’s your favourite climb?

Els Àngels in Girona. It’s just out the back here, and it’s incredible. I could pretty much do it every day.

Where in the world would you like to get lost on your bike?

I think a cool place would be South America, or somewhere like Nepal. That would be pretty epic.

What’s the best prize you’ve won?

Racing in Italy as an amateur, I didn’t win, but I think I was the best nonItalian. I was given a cured ham, which was pretty weird. I gave it to my old Italian DS. He left it in the car, and we didn’t unpack the car for a week. I can never forget the smell.

The last app you downloaded?

I had to download that Rouvy app to do the Digital Swiss 5, which was brutal, man. I just did the last stage, thank God. It felt like I had a hangover the next morning.

How do you let your hair down?

A cheeky G&T always goes down pretty good, putting the feet up,

“Back in Perth, we have this mad Boxing Day ride called Boxing Day Papas. Every man and his dog rides out. It’s the best thing ever”

hanging out with mates. Seeing my family as much as possible. I like a bit of basketball and rugby. Shooting hoops with the boys is always good.

When were you last star struck?

I saw one of the main guys out of Kath & Kim, this iconic Australian sitcom: Peter Roswthorn. He ended up walking past me, and I thought that was pretty awesome.

What’s your best cycling hack?

Don’t look at the power meter, especially when you’re racing. I try not to, unless I have set efforts I have to do. I guess I’m old-school, in that I just like going out and riding my bike. In a race, it’s the last thing you want to be doing, because someone is attacking up the climb and it can be terrible for morale.

What result are you proudest of?

Probably the Sun Tour win this year. Also the GP Capodarco, which was my first win in Europe, because it was really important to the local Italian team, and then I won it with the Australian team. All my old teammates were on the side of the road, cheering me on, and it felt like a mad party. It was pretty special.

What’s been your toughest day?

Last year at the Giro, stage 13. I think Zakarin won. It had three huge climbs, and then a ridiculous final climb. I had mad stomach cramps, and then also this hayfever. We hit this berg 15km in, and I was already off the back. I eventually grovelled back. It was a wild stage.

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