Tom’s a climber, he goes really well uphill. He is going to be a really great rider, but he still has a lot to learn as well. He has been learning the skills of being a profession­al, and how to up his game, really. Being at the Tour of Britain is a learning experience for him. It is a big step up for the guys compared to the under-23 racing in Europe. You have some WorldTour teams here and some of the best riders in the world winning the stages, so it is a massive step up and a massive learning curve for them. It’s great for them to learn that though, and see where they physically need to get. I don’t want to blow a trumpet up his backside, but if he gets his sh* t together and listens to us, and really learns over the next year, I think he will be a very, very good rider. It’s very different now to when I became a profession­al rider. You can see what young riders are putting into it, the access to informatio­n that they have online, and the power meters. I think when I turned pro we had one SRM that you shared around all your bikes. Now they all have power meters, they can upload them all to a website. They all know the data within minutes. It is very different. And then they are all mini nutritioni­sts, mini sport scientists, from the minute they start riding. They know all the facts.

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