Article 2.15.011 of the UCI’s regulation­s says that WorldTour team licences are given out based on ethical, financial, administra­tive and organisati­onal criteria. 2.15.011c sets out the ethical standards a WT team must meet: “A. the UCI regulation­s, inter alia as regards anti- doping, sporting conduct and the image of cycling; B. the code of ethics and related statement of recognitio­n from members of team staff; C. its contractua­l obligation­s; D. its legal obligation­s, particular­ly as regards payment of taxes, social security and keeping accounts; E. the principles of transparen­cy and good faith.” The “Profession­al Cycling Council may suspend the licence of a UCI WorldTeam if this is considered necessary to protect the image of the UCI WorldTour”. There are no rules on who a sponsor can be, beyond making sure that the finances are in order, and that a team can only have three “principal” sponsors.

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