Brodie is a really special rider for many reasons. She is really strong, she can win any race, but at the same time she can lose any race as well. She attacks when she feels it, she also stops when she feels it. A team can only have one Brodie in it; it’s impossible to have more. She is 100 per cent; she is always there. I think it is difficult to analyse Brodie. Perhaps she can analyse herself, because she is a special person, really nice in the group. She is always smiling, but she is not a normal rider. It’s like she is a young rider, because she started her career so much later than her peers. When she wants to help the team she helps 120 per cent; when you say to her, “Your goal is to be in the break,” she is in there; she tries and tries and tries. She is improving, but it might be harder because she is in a big team with collective goals. When you are in a small team you can attack when you want, but I think she learned about that this year. It will be better for next year, I think. We also lost Lauren Kitchen very early this season, and so Brodie lost her friend and the team captain. But next season we will have Grace Brown, and this will be better for her. With a normal calendar, it will also be better for Brodie; she will have new opportunit­ies. She really loves stage races, and I’m really confident for the future of the calendar.

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