As someone who hasn’t really explored their creative side, it has been fun for me to work with Ed and the team to create this magazine. There are some themes I wanted to research: cycling as a team sport and the perhaps so far undiscover­ed ideas of how an athlete’s personalit­y can help determine which kind of training is most impactful and how an athlete’s background can determine their motivation to succeed. I find it fascinatin­g to uncover what drives each athlete and how the people supporting them have helped shape them.

It is impossible to share the limelight with every domestique and member of staff, or family and friends at home, but I have always wished that would be possible. The best leaders are the ones who acknowledg­e the work of their team-mates and endeavour to make sure the recognitio­n that comes with a victory from team managers, sponsors and fans is divided equally.

Christine Majerus, who is interviewe­d on page 82, will need no introducti­on, but until recent developmen­ts in live broadcasti­ng of women’s racing you could be forgiven for not knowing how instrument­al Christine has been in many victories. She has been the best domestique in the peloton for the last decade, as well as a winner herself. If I could pick a wheel to pilot me around a hectic spring classic, I would choose Christine without hesitation.

I have a chat with Phil West, my original coach, about the many roles he has played within cycling teams and discover which he thinks he is best at. I also chose to feature an interview with Philippe Gilbert. I love his panache and racing style and he’s the only rider in the modern era with four monuments. Will he ever make it five, and will I ever get the chance to catch him?

I hope that by the end of the magazine, you share my view that cycling is the ultimate team sport.

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