FUJIFILM GFX 50S $9999 body only.

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Type: Pro­fes­sional dig­i­tal medium for­mat mirrorless cam­era with Fujifilm G bay­o­net lens mount. Fo­cus­ing: TTL au­to­matic us­ing con­trast-de­tec­tion mea­sure­ments. 117 or 425 mea­sur­ing points (13x9 or 25x17 pat­terns). Sin­gle-point, zone (7x7, 5x5 or 3x3 point clus­ters se­lected from 117 points) and wide/track­ing modes. Six fo­cus point sizes. Face/eye de­tec­tion with left/right pri­or­ity. Man­ual switch­ing be­tween one-shot and con­tin­u­ous AF modes. AF+MF mode. Low-light as­sist via il­lu­mi­na­tor. Man­ual fo­cus as­sist via mag­ni­fied im­age (up to 16.7x), fo­cus peak­ing dis­play (white, red or blue; low or high lev­els). Me­ter­ing: 256-point multi-zone, cen­tre-weighted av­er­age, full av­er­age, spot (2.0% of frame area) and TTL flash. Spot me­ter­ing can be locked to AF point/zone. Me­ter­ing range is EV -4.0 to 20 (ISO 100/f2.0). Ex­po­sure Modes: Con­tin­u­ously-vari­able pro­gram with shift, shut­ter-pri­or­ity auto, aper­ture-pri­or­ity auto and me­tered man­ual. Shut­ter: Elec­tronic, ver­ti­cal travel, metal blades, 60 min­utes to 1/4000 sec­ond plus ‘B’ (up to 60 min­utes). Flash sync up to 1/125 sec­ond. Sen­sor shut­ter has a speed range of 60 min­utes to 1/16,000 sec­ond. Ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion up to +/-5.0 EV in 1/3-stop in­cre­ments. Viewfinder: De­tach­able 1.3 cm OLED-type EVF with 3.69 megadots res­o­lu­tion, 100% ver­ti­cal/ hor­i­zon­tal scene cov­er­age and 0.85x mag­ni­fi­ca­tion (35mm equiv­a­lent). Au­to­matic/man­ual switch­ing be­tween the EVF and the LCD mon­i­tor screen. Eye­piece strength ad­just­ment built-in. 8.1 cm LCD mon­i­tor with 2.36 megadots res­o­lu­tion, tilt ad­just­ments (in both the ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal planes) and touch­screen con­trols. Flash: No built-in flash. Ex­ter­nal flash units con­nect via hot­shoe or PC ter­mi­nal. Ad­di­tional Fea­tures: Mag­ne­sium al­loy bodyshell sealed and in­su­lated, AE/AF lock, auto ex­po­sure brack­et­ing (up to +/-3.0 EV over two, three, five, seven or nine frames), mul­ti­ple ex­po­sure fa­cil­ity (two shots), multi-mode self-timer (2 and 10 sec­ond de­lays), au­di­ble sig­nals, auto power-off, wired re­mote trig­ger.


Sen­sor: 51.4 mil­lion (ef­fec­tive) pix­els CMOS with 32.9x43.8 mm imag­ing area and 4:3 as­pect ra­tio. No op­ti­cal low-pass fil­ter. Sen­si­tiv­ity equiv­a­lent to ISO 100-12,800, ex­tend­able to ISO 50, 25,600, 51,200 and 102,400. Fo­cal Length Mag­ni­fi­ca­tion: 0.79x (35mm for­mat), 1.3x (6x4.5cm for­mat). For­mats/Res­o­lu­tion: Three JPEG com­pres­sion set­tings, RAW out­put (loss­less com­pres­sion or un­com­pressed) and RAW+JPEG cap­ture. Two res­o­lu­tion set­tings at 4:3 as­pect ra­tio; 8256x6192 and 4000x3000 pix­els. Two res­o­lu­tion set­tings at 3:2 as­pect ra­tio; 8256x5504 and 4000x2664 pix­els. Two res­o­lu­tion set­tings at 16:9 as­pect ra­tio; 8256x4640 and 4000x2248 pix­els. Two res­o­lu­tion set­tings at 1:1 as­pect ra­tio; 6192x6192 and 2992x2992 pix­els. Two res­o­lu­tion set­tings at 65:24 as­pect ra­tio; 8256x3048 and 4000x1480 pix­els. Two res­o­lu­tion set­tings at 5:4 as­pect ra­tio; 7744x6192 and 3744x3000 pix­els. Two res­o­lu­tion set­tings at 7:6 as­pect ra­tio; 7232x6192 and 3504x3000 pix­els. RAW files cap­tured at 8256x6192 pix­els. 24-bit RGB colour for JPEGs, 42-bit RGB colour for RAW files. Video Record­ing: MOV for­mat (MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 com­pres­sion) at 1920x1080 pix­els and 30, 25 or 24 fps (36 Mbps) and 16:9 as­pect ra­tio. 1280x720 pix­els and 30, 25 or 24 fps (18 Mbps) and 16:9 as­pect ra­tio. Stereo mi­cro­phones with man­ual lev­els ad­just­ment. Stereo au­dio in­put and out­put pro­vided (3.5 mm mini­jacks). Full HD clip length up to 30 min­utes. Video Fea­tures: FHD video stream­ing via the HDMI con­nec­tion (8-bit 4:2:2 colour), fo­cus peak­ing dis­play. Record­ing Me­dia: Dual slots for SD, SDHC and SDXC with UHS- and UHS-II sup­port. Se­quen­tial, Back-Up and RAW/JPEG slot file man­age­ment modes. Con­tin­u­ous Shooting: Un­lim­ited JPEG/large/ su­perfine frames at 3.0 fps or 13 RAW (com­pressed) frames us­ing the ‘elec­tronic first cur­tain shut­ter’ (i.e. hy­brid sen­sor /fo­cal plane shut­ter op­er­a­tion). Low speed con­tin­u­ous mode cap­tures at 1.8 fps us­ing the fo­cal plane shut­ter. White Bal­ance: TTL mea­sure­ment. Auto mode, seven pre­sets and three cus­tom set­tings. White bal­ance com­pen­sa­tion (am­ber-to-blue and/ or green-to-ma­genta) in all pre­sets, and white bal­ance brack­et­ing. Man­ual colour tem­per­a­ture set­ting from 2500 to 10,000 de­grees Kelvin. In­ter­faces: High-Speed USB 3.0 (via mi­cro USB), mi­cro HDMI (Type D), 3.5mm stereo au­dio in­put and out­put, 2.5 mm re­mote trig­ger con­nec­tor. Ad­di­tional Dig­i­tal Fea­tures: Sen­sor clean­ing, 15 ‘Film Sim­u­la­tion’ pre­sets (Stan­dard/Provia, Vivid/Velvia, Soft/As­tia, Clas­sic Chrome, Pro Neg High, Pro Neg Stan­dard, ACROS, ACROS+Yel­low, ACROS+Red, ACROS+Green, Mono­chrome, Mono­chrome+Yel­low, Mono­chrome+Red, Mono­chrome+Green, Sepia), ‘Grain Ef­fect’ (Strong, Weak, Off), ‘Colour Chrome Ef­fect’ (Strong, Weak, Off), ‘Quick Menu’ con­trol screen, ‘Lens Mo­du­la­tion Op­ti­miser’ pro­cess­ing, in­ter­val­ome­ter (up to 999 frames), pixel map­ping, dy­namic range ex­pan­sion (Auto, 100%, 200%, 400%), ad­justable im­age pa­ram­e­ters (Colour Sat­u­ra­tion, Sharp­ness, High­light Tone, Shadow Tone), real-time RGB/bright­ness his­togram dis­play, high­light alert, sin­gle/dual-axis elec­tronic level dis­plays, grid dis­plays (choice of two), depth-of-field pre­view, auto brack­et­ing func­tions (AE, ‘Film Sim­u­la­tion’, Dy­namic Range, ISO, White Bal­ance), high ISO noise re­duc­tion (plus/mi­nus four lev­els), long ex­po­sure noise re­duc­tion (On/ Off), seven cus­tom set-up mem­o­ries, sRGB and Adobe RGB colour space set­tings, RGB his­tograms in play­back, high­light alert in play­back, in-cam­era edit­ing func­tions (RAW Con­ver­sion to TIFF or JPEG [17 ad­justable pa­ram­e­ters], Erase, Crop, Re­size, Pro­tect, Im­age Ro­tate, Red-Eye Re­moval, Copy, Pho­toBook As­sist), auto play­back, multi-im­age play­back, 9/100 thumb­nail dis­plays, zoom play­back, silent mode, In­stax print, cus­tomis­able ‘My Menu’ (16 items), copy­right info, voice memo record­ing, built-in WiFi, DPOF sup­port. Power: One 10.8 volt/1250 mAh recharge­able lithium-ion bat­tery pack (NP-T125 type). Bat­tery age check fa­cil­ity. Op­tional VG-GFX1 ver­ti­cal bat­tery grip ac­cepts an ad­di­tional bat­tery pack. Dimensions (WxHxD): Body only = 147.5x94.2x91.4 mm. Weight: 920 grams body only (in­clud­ing EVF). Price: $9999 body only. $2399 for the 63mm f2.8 stan­dard lens, $3499 for the 32-64mm f4.0 zoom and $4199 for the 120mm f4.0 macro lens. Dis­trib­u­tor: Fujifilm Aus­tralia, tele­phone (02) 9466 2600 or visit www.fujifilm.com.au

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