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Gay Bar Nude Oil Wrestling Con­tin­ued from the pre­vi­ous month…

Only on­line had I seen any nude pub­lic wrestling events. They were ei­ther of men in cos­tume at Burn­ing Man or semi-im­pro­vised pornos, where the win­ner would top the loser and have sex in front of the au­di­ence. But it was not un­til I saw it live that I re­alised how ex­cited I was by it. By chance I was in a gay club in Manch­ester, on a night know as Wrestling Wed­nes­days where men oil wres­tled each other in the club.

The rules were as fol­lows: two men would step into the gi­ant pool, fol­lowed by other men a few min­utes later un­til the pool reached max­i­mum ca­pac­ity of seven men. Each man wore thin, dis­pos­able y-fronts, that were as durable as candy floss. The aim was to tear off the un­der­wear of any op­po­nent. From then on the men could wres­tle naked pro­vid­ing en­ter­tain­ment for the au­di­ence.

While sip­ping our drinks we watched the men who en­tered the gi­ant in­flat­able pool that was filled with a dozen bot­tles of in­dus­trial-sized bar­rels of baby oil. One of the wrestlers was a bud­ding porn star. He was so ner­vous he only gave one-word an­swers when my friend Rex spoke with him.

‘He has the look of a rab­bit caught in the head­lights' said Rex irritated, who al­ways wanted to have sex with a porn-star.

The DJ an­nounced that the wrestling was about to be­gin and ev­ery­one's at­ten­tion turned to the in­flat­able pool. The crowd was made up of mostly gay men who hud­dled around the wrestling area; a hand­ful of their gig­gling straight fe­male friends; and les­bians who oc­cu­pied the bal­conies above the dance floor and looked down upon the wrestling match.

Within 10 min­utes all seven men were in the in­flat­able pool in­clud­ing

Nick, my col­league from the gay bar I worked at. It wasn't long be­fore a cou­ple of the men were al­ready naked. Their ‘ev­ery­thing' was vis­i­ble to ev­ery­one. Two guys, who were col­lud­ing, am­bushed one par­tic­u­lar man, tore off his un­der­wear, and threw it into at the au­di­ence, nar­rowly avoid­ing hit­ting a lady in the face as she sipped her Rum and Cola. The now-nude man tried to lunge at his two op­po­nents but he slipped in the oil, al­low­ing his two op­po­nents to grab his legs and spread them apart which prompted the crowd to cheer; the butch les­bians laugh­ing and cheer­ing the loud­est, the gay men star­ing as if mes­merised; as his hole was on full dis­play. There was a dif­fer­ence in how men and women en­joyed the event. While it was erotic for men to watch other men wres­tle naked cov­ered in baby oil, to women, it was some­thing to be laughed at.

‘They all look so silly' said one lady. ‘And are they re­ally all so lit­tle?' she chuck­led.

My friends and I ig­nored her; en­grossed as we were in watch­ing the men hold each other down, their dicks flop­ping against their legs as they slipped in the oil. I spot­ted Nick, sport­ing a semi-erec­tion, will­ingly be­ing wres­tled by a hunk. They seemed obliv­i­ous to us as we sipped on our drinks, watched and com­mented.

Half-tipsily, half-lust­fully I de­cided there and then that I would join the next wrestling match. That whole week I was ner­vous and horny for the up­com­ing event. When it was fi­nally time to catch the bus to the club I was shack­ing with nerves. I ar­rived at the club, had a cou­ple of drinks, which did noth­ing to calm me, and an­nounced my­self as a par­tic­i­pant to the or­gan­iser.

Nick had told our col­leagues that I would be par­tic­i­pat­ing that night and a cou­ple had come to ‘see how I mea­sured up' as they put it. When our col­leagues at the gay bar heard I saw Nick wres­tle, Bill our al­co­holic man­ager asked me, in front of cus­tomers and staff ‘how big is his willy?' Nick looked on ner­vously, await­ing my re­sponse.

‘It's big!' I said stretch­ing the truth by at least 35 per cent, mak­ing Nick look good. Ev­ery­one seemed dis­ap­pointed at my an­swer, as if they wanted to hear Nick, who was al­most me­tres tall, was short down­stairs.

Back to the club: ‘Looks like we'll be wrestling each other mate' said one good-look­ing man in his 40s as we waited back­stage be­fore the start of the match.

‘Who do you think will win?' I asked him.

‘Me. But I think you'll en­joy that mate' he said with a chuckle. As if giv­ing an ex­am­ple of what was to come, he play­fully slapped my ass. All con­tes­tants posed for some photos. I found some box­ing shorts and wore that for the pho­to­shoot. We were called to get in line by the night­club di­rec­tor; a bitchy man, who clutched his clip­board and spoke into his head­piece as if he were pre­sent­ing a ta­lent show. In a way he was.

Af­ter the an­nounce­ment from the DJ, the drum­roll and flash­ing lights we emerged wear­ing only our tidy whities. It was scary stand­ing in pub­lic, al­most stark­ers, in front of a drunk au­di­ence. We could hear the odd word em­a­nat­ing from the crowd: semi-stiffy, lowhang­ers, grower. We won­dered ‘is it me?' they are talk­ing about.

The match kicked off when an older man and a twink got into the in­flat­able pool. They squirmed around over each other, laugh­ing be­fore the twink seem­ingly al­lowed his con­tes­tant to rip off his y-fronts. I was fourth in the line and was paired with a stocky man. The DJ touted our fight as a Soccer Player vs. a Rugby Player. My op­po­nent was stronger but I was more ag­ile. I ducked and dipped be­neath his legs, rolling over him and slap­ping his butt for what felt like an hour, (just three min­utes), be­fore he pinned me down and ripped off my un­der­wear. He held it up as if it were a tro­phy. The crowd cheered and then he threw it at them. Gay men tried to catch it, cov­er­ing their drinks so as not to spill it when they jumped up. The les­bians ducked away from it and straight women gig­gled.

As I writhed on the oily plas­tic tub I felt some­thing slowly spring into mo­tion. ‘Not now!' I said to my­self. I felt an erec­tion com­ing on. I lay in the oily mat for a mo­ment, to let it sub­side, but I was hav­ing too much fun and it wouldn't budge. To di­vert the sit­u­a­tion I wres­tled my com­peti­tor with new vigour but it was fu­tile. I could not hide it. I heard some snig­ger­ing from the au­di­ence. They had spot­ted it and pointed laugh­ing.

‘How can he get horny while be­ing wres­tled by five men? And in pub­lic?' one lady asked. ‘It's prob­a­bly be­cause he's be­ing wres­tled by five men and in pub­lic' one man re­sponded.

By then there were six of us in the tub. It was next to im­pos­si­ble to hide my erec­tion and was even harder wrestling with it. My com­peti­tors were de­light­fully sur­prised but weren't sure how to com­bat my weapon. The half-hour wrestling match felt like it was over in a heart­beat. Back­stage, af­ter wip­ing off the oil and putting on our clothes we got drinks. Some peo­ple ap­proached me to chat. Oth­ers threw me side-glances and a chuckle. I felt like a D-list, bud­get soft porn ac­tor, bask­ing in neon lights with my 15 min­utes of fame. I was def­i­nitely go­ing back the fol­low­ing week.

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