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Wankster - Part One: Pri­vate Cam Shows Cam­ming: verb - to per­form a sex act to one of a group of peo­ple through a web-plat­form or phone cam­era. Wankster: noun – a men who per­forms on cam­era.

I be­gan jerk­ing off on cam­era in my early 20s. It all be­gan when I was the re­bound guy for one man who was still get­ting over his ex and he wanted to show his ex off to me. Talk­ing on­line, the ex-boyfriend sent an image of him­self. He was the bath, his erect pe­nis pok­ing through the bub­bles. I was jeal­ous. I wanted to have the con­fi­dence to send naked pho­tos to who­ever asked, to show off so ef­fort­lessly. It turns out I did... I just did not re­alise how ad­dic­tive it would be.

And so I be­gan per­form­ing (if jerk­ing off can be called a per­for­mance) for friends or strangers through on­line cam­ming sites, Skype and phone apps. I per­formed for Faris in Beirut and his Swedish friend who was vis­it­ing him. Faris slapped his leg in ex­cite­ment as I jerked off. Their smiles grew as my balls tight­ened and my rhythm quick­ened. There was Manu, the fire­fighter from Peru who looked on with his col­leagues. ‘Que feo,' how ugly, he said be­fore click­ing off. Steve, a lawyer in the UK, watched me per­form as he was on client calls. When it was his turn to speak on the call I would try to do some­thing to make him laugh or dis­tract him. Steve un­der­stood my strat­egy and muted the call.

‘Want to watch?' I asked him one day while horny af­ter a work­out and want­ing to per­form.

‘Why? Don't you have any­one else to ad­mire you?' asked Steve.

There were some funny al­beit em­bar­rass­ing in­ci­dents. I per­formed for my friend San­jay who watched me from an in­ter­net café. He was so en­grossed in my per­for­mance the he did not see the man­ager ap­pear be­hind him at a cru­cial mo­ment as I wanked off. San­jay, feel­ing a tap on his shoul­der, jumped up from his seat. The man­ager pointed to the screen, ob­vi­ously telling San­jay that porn, es­pe­cially live shows, was not al­lowed. I no­ticed that the man­ager glanced sur­rep­ti­tiously to­wards the screen, tak­ing me in as San­jay scram­bled to switch off the trans­mis­sion.

I used to per­form for an Ital­ian am­bas­sador to a small Euro­pean coun­try who used to sit back on his leather chair, drink­ing wine and smoke cigars as I flexed my but­t­hole for him. ‘Bravo' and ‘che bello' he would say. Once, while watch­ing, his maid brought him his din­ner on a tray. He made no at­tempt to switch off the screen as she ar­ranged the tray of food for him. She must have seen every­thing. She was so non­cha­lant about it I could only as­sume that she had seen such a spec­ta­cle be­fore.

One Ger­man man in his fifties watched me per­form but only un­til his banker hus­band ar­rived home.

‘Why not let him watch?' I asked.

He ten­ta­tively com­plied. As his hus­band walked in home I could hear them talk, then af­ter a mo­ment he turned his lap­top to­wards his hus­band. The tall, over­weight Ger­man hus­band took one look at me per­form­ing and burst out into deep, hearty laugh­ter.

I met Fred­die when I was 18 when I vis­ited Las Ve­gas. Over the years we kept in touch of­ten talk­ing on Skype. On evening I was sit­ting on my sofa when he di­alled in.

‘What are you do­ing?' Fred­die asked.

‘To be hon­est... I was go­ing to watch a porno.' ‘Shall I call back?'

Feel­ing bold I asked him if he wanted to watch. He agreed so I slipped off my un­der­wear. He chuck­led when my erec­tion popped out. I made my­self com­fort­able and be­gan. Af­ter a mo­ment I spot­ted some­one hov­er­ing in the back­ground.

‘Oh that's Julie. She's my room­mate,' said Fred­die. ‘She heard our con­ver­sa­tion and wanted to watch. Is that ok?' I hadn't ex­pected to jerk off to an au­di­ence but then again, why not? I agreed and got back into my rhythm.

‘Are you en­joy­ing this?' Fred­die asked Julie. She nod­ded.

‘Oh, that's my boyfriend Craig.' He then turned to Craig and then said ‘come over and see my friend Gabriel jerk off.'

Craig ap­proached the screen. ‘Hey' he said dis­in­ter­ested. He went to the fridge, got a drink then re­turned to peer at the screen only to walk away again.

‘His balls are tight. I think he's go­ing to come,' said Fred­die to his house­mates. Craig ap­proached to see and even Julie took a step closer. I groaned, arched my back ex­pos­ing my per­ineum and re­leased my cum which came out in long streams.

As the in­ter­net be­came more so­phis­ti­cated, Skype calls from in­ter­net cafés moved onto smart­phone apps in bed­rooms or liv­ing rooms. Ni­cholas from Ger­many en­joyed watch­ing me jerk off, sip­ping wine as I did so. I was on va­ca­tion, day-drunk, tanned and horny and thought to call him.

‘I'd love to' he re­sponded ‘but I'm with friends at a pub. Is that ok with you?' Of course it was. Mo­ments later, on screen, ap­peared Ni­cholas sur­rounded by his friends who all peered into the screen.

‘Er wichst,' he wanks, said one man, as I sat on my large ho­tel bed, wank­ing and show­ing off my tan lines.

‘Er spitzt noch?' said an­other ask­ing if I was about to come as he sipped his beer. Soon af­ter I did, to a round of cheers. ‘Prost,' they said.

I had a sim­i­lar ex­pe­ri­ence with my friend Mika and his friends. Mika was a fun, open-minded guy who ran his own busi­ness. De­spite the years and the dis­tances be­tween us, we kept in touch. It was Sun­day morn­ing in Aus­tralia when it was Satur­day night in the UK and Mika was out club­bing. I texted him to see how he was and asked me to send him nudes.

‘I just showed my mates' he texted back. ‘Want me to show you more?' I asked. He said yes.

A few min­utes later I was sit­ting on the bed per­form­ing for Mika and his group of good-look­ing friends: one with a trimmed beard wear­ing a base­ball cap, one with a cute face and an­other had curly hair and bright eyes who ap­peared on my screen shout­ing ‘hey' but it sounded more like ‘ho' and for a mo­ment, as I wanked off for them I thought ‘well… guess I am'.

‘Bend over' said Mika. ‘Look at his lit­tle ass' he told his friends as I did.

Maybe it was the fact that they were out drink­ing, or in a pub­lic place and watch­ing me naked, or that they were so good-look­ing but it didn't take me long to get to the grand fi­nale.

Af­ter com­ing, as the screen went blank, I lay on the bed shak­ing. The fear and ex­cite­ment I had re­leased adren­a­line. I felt oddly em­pow­er­ing hold­ing ev­ery­one's at­ten­tion as I per­formed for them. It was only a mat­ter of time be­fore I took my per­for­mance pub­lic.

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