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The Treat on New Year's Eve A day before New Year's Eve I had another great encounter that I wanted to share. As public gatherings are not permitted It was at a small house party of six people at a friend's house. As the night went on as we entered the new year, and as we had drunk a lot we began playing Truth or Dare.

Most people opted for Truth and the regular saucy questions were asked but I chose Dare wanting to take more risks. I was dared by our host James to strip down to my underwear on the balcony. I stripped completely, and took off my underwear, only revealing my buttocks. I covered up my dick and balls. Of course, the guys laughed and hollered.

The game continued with many people answering many of the Truth questions. When it was my turn, I chose Dare and I was dared again to strip. This time it was for one of the guys called for Derek; a hunky hairy guy who was in his mid-40s. Derek sat down on one of the small sofas away from the table we were sitting at and I stripped in front of him. A little bit drunk by then, I danced to You Can Keep Your Hat On. By the time I got down to my y-fronts (yes I wear y-fronts… they are so much more comfortabl­e) I was fully hard and decided to keep going. So with a full boner I took off my y-fronts in front of him. I turned to the side so the others won't see my dick only my ass. Only Derek could see my dick fully erect. I gyrated in front of him and thrust my pelvis. I could tell he liked it and wanted to keep going but in order for him not to think I was over-eager I covered up, even though I was horny.

The night went on and we kept drinking but around 3:30am we decided to call it a night and went to our respective rooms in James' home or went home. I was so horny from the night's events I could not sleep so wearing just my bathrobe and nothing underneath I walked to the guest room Derek was staying in across the hall. I knocked on the door and without waiting for him to answer I walked in. He was lying on the bed texting on his phone New Year's wishes. He was not surprised to see me. In fact, he behaved as if he expected I would turn up.

‘I hope you don't mind but I cannot resist coming over,' I said.

‘Not at all,' Derek smiled and as that was the signal to enter I jumped onto the bed and tore open my bathrobe. I was naked and erect and sitting on top of his hairy, rugby body. As he was still clothed we began kissing. I was running my hands through his thick hair and feeling his body, especially his hunky chest that I could feel through his thin t-shirt.

He felt my body up and down, feeling the light hair on my chest, my arms and my smooth legs that I wax along with my ass and asshole. He kept caressing my ass and then all of a sudden, without any warning or lube he slipped his finger into my asshole.

From my previous articles you probably guessed that I loved guys playing with my ass and hole. Not all men like fingering a guy's ass unless it is for a light pat, so when a man does it, and likes it it drives me crazy. And Derek seemed to love doing it.

I cannot remember how I got into the position but somehow, I was lying on my stomach on top of Derek and I was facing his feet while he had visibility of my ass and easy access to my hole. Note: I am 6 feet 1 inch and 11 stone, so I am tall and not too heavy for a man but Derek was well built so he had no issue with me on top of him.

So, there I was fully naked as he was still wearing clothes and he was fingering my hole and fondling my balls. He had his right index finger completely inside me. He really hit my g-spot. All I could do was moan and kiss his legs or the part of his body that I could get my lips and tongue on. Every other moment I would turn to look at him. He smiled back at me as he fingered me. His thrusts were getting harder and harder.

‘I… need some… cream,' I gasped as I felt it would ease his thrusts.

‘No cream,' he said and he kept going.

‘Lube?' I said as I squirmed on the bed.

‘No,' he said decisively.

I was unsure if he did not have any or if he wanted to cause some pleasurabl­e pain. Both perhaps.

I changed position to lie on him and facing him, so we were face to face but he kept his finger inside my hole. I tried to lift his shirt to lick his chest but he would not let me.

‘Just a little?' I said.

‘No. I am kind of dating a guy,' he suddenly explained matter of factly. 'I stay clothed. You stay naked. Got it?' I nodded.

I was so horny I started jerking off but he then took hold of my dick. As he held my dick, it was then I noticed that all his fingernail­s were cut short (thankfully) because… fingering a guy's hole with long fingernail­s… ouch!

He kept jerking me off so strongly that my balls were already tight. His hand kept hitting them when they kept slamming down. It was pleasant but also painful. In addition he also had his finger wedged in my ass... I did not know whether to come or cry.

‘Oh… Oh…' I kept moaning… making an orgasm face that only guys seem to make; it was the face that conveys pain and pleasure at the same time. He kind of laughed when I did that. But he continued and like earlier on I was moaning even louder. I then came all over my flat stomach. For a moment I lay there panting as he drew his finger out of my tight hole.

I got up, cleaned myself off and then lay naked next to him for a while and he stayed clothed.

I then went to my bed to sleep and he left early the next day. He had driven me so crazy… I have his contact details and wouldn't mind repeating the experience with him.

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