Editor’s Letter.


ONE of the biggest surprises in putting this magazine together every month is how much I enjoy our regular Flight Plan column.

In it, we ask frequent fyers about their habits on the plane. What do they wear? Aisle or window? When packing, do they roll or fold? It’s deliciousl­y voyeuristi­c and in the eight columns we’ve published so far, it has ofered some real gems.

There was Delta Goodrem, who got into the pyjamas before take-of... only to have to disembark in them. Fashion designer Camilla Freeman-Topper has one suitcase just for shoes, while singer Vance Joy takes only four or fve items and washes constantly. If you spot conductor Alexander Briger in the air, he’s listening to Deep Purple and not Beethoven.

And in this month’s column (page 42), Sky News boss Angelos Frangopoul­os has given me my best tip yet: when travelling with his four children, he chooses three consecutiv­e window rows to avoid any arguments. Noted and thank you, Angelos.

As for me and my routine on a plane? Internatio­nal fights are spent immersed in movies and my Kindle (I devoured Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See on my last trip). But on domestic fights, I spend the journey watching how my fellow passengers interact with Qantas magazine. I try to be surreptiti­ous but I’m not always successful. The advantage of being caught out? I have had some great conversati­ons with readers (and been able to conduct my own mini focus groups!).

I do always love to hear what you think about the magazine. Please email me at qantasedit­orial@mediumrare­, send me a tweet (@kirstengal­liott) or accost me on a plane!

Have a great month.

Kirsten Galliott Editor-in-Chief

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