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Vi­vian is a CIA an­a­lyst (as was the au­thor) whose job it is to trawl the net to un­cover Rus­sian sleeper cells: spies who live in deep cover as reg­u­lar Amer­i­cans, some­times for decades, un­til they’re ac­ti­vated. When she snags one in her cy­ber trap, there’s a sur­prise: among the agents is her hus­band. Vi­vian has to choose be­tween dob­bing him in, thereby de­stroy­ing her fam­ily, or com­mit­ting trea­son by cov­er­ing things up. This rapid-paced es­pi­onage thriller bobs and weaves like a boxer as Vi­vian tries to keep her fam­ily safe, with a twist at the end that you won’t see com­ing. The movie rights have been sold; Char­l­ize Theron will pro­duce and star.

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