- Alan Joyce CEO, Qantas

Few of us have been travelling lately because of lockdowns and border closures but if the orders we’re seeing through Qantas Wine are any indication, people are busy pursuing other interests in the meantime. A passion for food and wine is connected to a love of travel. Trying exotic food or a memorable meal at a special place is often the highlight of a trip. It’s a big part of why people love travel and a major part of what we’re all missing. For many of our customers, their culinary adventure usually begins in one of Qantas’s lounges before they take off. Before the pandemic we served 36,000 bottles of champagne annually in our First lounges in Sydney and Melbourne. Neil Perry’s signature salt and pepper squid, club sandwich and pavlova were the most ordered menu items. We’re very much looking forward to having more people back in our lounges and back on board as vaccinatio­ns rates rise and restrictio­ns ease later this year. When that time comes, you’ll notice a few changes. Our lounges have implemente­d COVID-safe plans and we’ve tailored our service across the country, including the introducti­on of hosted buffets with pre-plated choices and roaming tray service in some states. We’ve also expanded compliment­ary drinks service on all Qantas domestic flights and increased availabili­ty of hot-meal options on some sectors. Longer term, advances in aircraft technology mean inflight meals will also taste better. Traditiona­lly, the drier cabin air means our tastebuds aren’t as effective at 30,000 feet so some food and wine will taste slightly different to what they do on the ground. But now aircraft such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner offer higher humidity and cabin pressure so our customers will appreciate flavours better. Aviation is full of “one percenters” like this that add up to give you an improved experience. Whether it’s sharing a home-cooked meal with extended family or experienci­ng that once-in-a-lifetime restaurant, we can’t wait to help you get there when the country opens up again. Thanks for choosing Qantas.

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