Bridge Of Clay

The five Dunbar boys are fending for themselves, their mother dead and father gone. To survive, they’ve had to write their own rules. Clay, the quiet brother, will be the one who creates a miracle of sorts, transcendi­ng life as it is for something better. This Australian coming-of-age story from Markus Zusak, the author of bestseller The Book Thief, is about the possibilit­y of love and dignity in the midst of terrible loss and cruelty.

When All Is Said And Done

When he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease (MND) in 2013, former AFL player and manager Neale Daniher had two choices: give in to the incurable condition or create hope for other sufferers. Raised in a large family in regional NSW, Daniher had an illustriou­s career across three clubs. Post-diagnosis, he founded FightMND, which has raised millions for research into what he calls “The Beast”. Here, Daniher reflects on his life and how to make every day count.

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