Connect to Qantas Free Wi-Fi and Entertainm­ent App


Once onboard, connect your own device to Qantas Free Wi-Fi on domestic flights in three simple steps to access the internet and Qantas Entertainm­ent App (note: those on aircraft with seatback screens only need to access the internet to find in-flight entertainm­ent options):

STEP 1 Enable Aeroplane Mode and select the “Qantas Free Wi-Fi” network in your Wi-Fi settings.

STEP 2 Follow the prompts on the “Welcome Onboard” screen to connect.

STEP 3 Once you’re connected, you’re now ready to access the internet and the Qantas Entertainm­ent App to watch hours of hit movies and TV box-sets, and listen to audiobooks.

Having trouble connecting? Make sure you are connected to the “Qantas Free Wi-Fi” network and go to in your preferred browser to start exploring.

Inflight entertainm­ent varies by route and aircraft.

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