Tips for turn­ing your pool from green to clean:

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Check your chlo­rine lev­els. If be­low 0.5ppm you need to “shock” the pool water with a large dose of chlo­rine to 10ppm. En­sure the fil­ters are run­ning and don’t use the pool un­til the chlo­rine level falls be­low 3ppm.

Lower the pH lev­els by adding acid. Then later add a cop­per treat­ment to the water to kill the spores. Aim for a pH level of between 7 and 7.6. Heavy rain, lots of swim­mers and an­i­mals such as dogs can in­crease pH lev­els.

Use a qual­ity al­gae­cide to kill al­gae. Brush pool walls to re­move al­gae. Then vac­uum the loos­ened al­gae from the pool floor the next day.

Make sure your fil­ter is work­ing ef­fec­tively. Pool water needs to be fil­tered, and will not clear up very quickly if you have a fil­ter that doesn’t work prop­erly. It doesn’t mat­ter how much shock you put in the pool if you have a poor fil­ter.

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