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Ques­tion: What is a deco path, and how can I make one at home?

An­swer: De­com­posed gran­ite, often called “deco”, is gen­er­ally a light brown coloured fill­ing ma­te­rial that is quite fine (about 3mm and less). If you can pic­ture the fin­ish on a clay ten­nis court, then that will give you a good idea as to what it looks like.

To lay a deco path you must first lay out the lo­ca­tion of your path. To con­tain the de­com­posed gran­ite, you must in­stall a brick/paver header course or tim­ber edge along your path­way.

The tim­ber should be H5 rated for tim­ber used in-ground (ask your sup­plier for ad­vice) or plas­tic ex­truded ma­te­ri­als for use in the ground. Then ex­ca­vate the soil along your planned


path to a depth of 100mm and in­stall your edg­ing, an­chor­ing the tim­ber with stakes about ev­ery one me­tre.

The next step is to es­ti­mate how much de­com­posed gran­ite you will need to fill the area be­tween the edges. To make this easy on your­self, have a cal­cu­la­tor avail­able. Mea­sure the length and width of your path and mul­ti­ply these two num­bers to­gether. This will give you the square me­treage of your path.

Mul­ti­ply the to­tal by the depth to work out the vol­ume in cu­bic me­tres. This is the num­ber that you will need to have de­liv­ered from your lo­cal sup­plier. Pro tip: don’t for­get to add 10% ex­tra to al­low for com­paction.

The next step is fill­ing the area be­tween the header boards

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