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How to ‘declutter’ your life

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PETER Walsh is renowned around the world A as reg­u­larthe king con­trib­u­to­rof de-clut­ter­ing.to Oprah Mag­a­zine, and Net­work Ten’s The Liv­ing Room, Peter has just re­leased his new book, Let it Go, which is a guide on how to get rid of all that stuff in the garage, the shed, the kitchen or wardrobe, and be­lieves that it is a free­ing, re­ju­ve­nat­ing process. In this ex­clu­sive book ex­tract for QT Mag­a­zine read­ers, Peter asks you to re­think the stuff you have around your home.

Clear away stuff that doesn’t rep­re­sent who you are

WHAT new turn is your life tak­ing? How are your cir­cum­stances chang­ing? Are you get­ting a new home, a new spouse, new step-kids, or a new ca­reer re­spon­si­bil­ity? Or have you been handed the very un­fa­mil­iar challenge of deal­ing with your par­ents’ home, with or with­out their pres­ence and co-oper­a­tion? Your life is giv­ing you new op­por­tu­ni­ties. But with all your stuff piled around, you may not be able to see them. You’ll have to sort through your lay­ers of stuff in or­der to find these op­por­tu­ni­ties and seize them. Let­ting go of the fol­low­ing things will also free you to be­come more open, au­then­tic, and true to your­self. Ob­jects you never re­ally liked Things you re­gret hav­ing paid so much money to buy Stuff you in­her­ited and hold on to out of a sense of obli­ga­tion Out­dated be­long­ings that iden­tify a ver­sion of you that van­ished long ago Think about the pos­ses­sions in your home. Do they rep­re­sent the per­son you want to be right now? Do they present the best ver­sion of who you could be­come? As you go into the next phase of your life, will you be steady on your feet or will your stuff pull you off-bal­ance be­cause it’s tug­ging you back into the past? If you were to break up and down­size the layer of stuff that an­nounces who you are, what would you look like un­der­neath? even care enough about to throw away. “I don’t re­ally need this stuff or even want it. But it’s not hurt­ing any­thing. I’ll do some­thing with it some other time.” How­ever, we have lim­ited space in our homes to dis­play items that in­flu­ence our moods, and the mood these items help cre­ate is this: meh. For­get­ting to check the cal­en­dar. We out­grow pos­ses­sions all the time: Our clothes get too small or go out of date, our in­ter­ests change, tech­nol­ogy be­comes ob­so­lete. So we buy new ver­sions. But the stuff we no longer use stays be­hind, like hun­dreds of time cap­sules hang­ing in clos­ets and sit­ting on shelves. Inat­ten­tion. You buy things on im­pulse all the time with­out re­ally think­ing about why. Maybe you’re bored or hun­gry, de­pressed or anx­ious, or the tag sim­ply has a low enough price. Your at­ten­tion may flicker for just a mo­ment, but these things linger a long time. Obli­ga­tion. These are gifts or in­her­ited items you didn’t re­ally want and rarely use. But the idea of toss­ing them out makes you feel guilty, so they’ve re­mained in your home. Im­po­si­tion. Have your friends or adult chil­dren stored items in your base­ment or spare rooms, but “for­got” to come back to pick them up? Have you patched up a quilt for a friend or re­paired a gar­den tool for a neigh­bor, and it’s still wait­ing for the owner to come get it? Does your club ex­pect you to keep sup­plies and equip­ment in your home, or does your busi­ness part­ner want you to hang on to old in­ven­tory that you’ll never use? You don’t need all this stuff. It’s con­ceal­ing who you re­ally are. All you need to keep around are the items that you trea­sure and the items that you use. That’s it. These are things that don’t pre­vent the world from see­ing who you re­ally are. In­stead, they cel­e­brate what you’re all about for ev­ery­one to see. How could you cap­i­talise on this turn that your life is tak­ing in or­der to cre­ate a more ac­cu­rate iden­tity, one in which a smaller num­ber of pos­ses­sions—which are more care­fully cho­sen—bet­ter rep­re­sent who you are? How could other, more mean­ing­ful as­pects of your per­son­al­ity shine through? In­stead of stuff, what could you use to fill your time and space? Ex­tracted from Let It Go by Peter Walsh, RRP $39.99, out now.

How much of the stuff in your home that rep­re­sents who you think you are is ac­tu­ally there be­cause of these fac­tors? Lazi­ness. These are the pos­ses­sions you don’t

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