What is HIIT Train­ing?


WITH so many new and ex­cit­ing forms of ex­er­cise avail­able to peo­ple these days, one of the things I’m of­ten asked about is why I love HIIT. High In­ten­sity In­ter­val Train­ing (HIIT) is the one form of ex­er­cise I love be­cause of two sim­ple rea­sons.

One – I’m time poor; and two – it works.

HIIT in­volves per­form­ing func­tional move­ments at a high in­ten­sity over short pe­ri­ods of time. It’s never bor­ing and is guar­an­teed to make you work hard.

Here’s an ex­am­ple of what a 20-minute work­out may look like if you use this the­ory, let’s call it “Shanee’s Heart­starter”, and it goes like this:

◆ Medicine ball squat presses x 10

◆ As­sisted chin-ups x 10

◆ Step-ups x 10

◆ Walk­ing lunges x 10

◆ Burpees x 8

◆ Sumo jump squats x 10

◆ 45 sec­onds rest x three rounds

While this may seem like a short, 20-minute work­out, the beauty of it is within the first minute your heart rate will shoot up.

There’s a good rea­son why I love work­outs like this and it is be­cause it gets you go­ing and burns calo­ries.

Over the course of this short but sweet work­out, you will work your core, legs, bi­ceps, tri­ceps, abs and legs. The more lean mus­cle you have on your body, the faster your me­tab­o­lism works and the more calo­ries you burn through­out the day. It is about cre­at­ing a rou­tine that works for you.

Your heart rate will in­crease quickly and you’ll find that it will con­tinue to stay at a de­cent rate for the en­tire 20 min­utes.

Now imag­ine do­ing that in a group en­vi­ron­ment and you have a recipe for train­ing that is in­tense and will work your en­tire body in a short space of time.

So many pop­u­lar forms of ex­er­cise are around today but at their core re­mains the proven method that HIIT works.

Who said you need to train for hours to get fit and strong? Once you get your head around the con­cept of working harder for shorter pe­ri­ods, it’s a form of ex­er­cise you will not only look for­ward to do­ing but in no time you’ll find your­self ea­gerly wait­ing to see what each day’s work­out will look like.

If you’re short on time and want re­sults, then look more into HIIT. You might find that, like me, it will change how you look at ex­er­cise.

F45 is de­signed to take the HIIT con­cept to the next level, giv­ing ev­ery­one who does a 45-minute ses­sion strength, in­ten­sity and fun. Head to www.f45­train­ing.com.au/ip­swich­cen­tral for more in­for­ma­tion.

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