In Your Spring Gar­den


Did you know that mulching stops the top of the soil dry­ing out, keep­ing the soil moist, and re­duc­ing wa­ter­ing by about 60%?

TRY as we might we can’t re­sist the warm kiss of the spring sun.

We know it’s been a tough win­ter. Very lit­tle rain, crazy tem­per­a­ture changes - our plants (and us) are feel­ing a lit­tle lack lus­tre.

Over the next few week­ends I plan on tick­ing a lot off my to-do list so I can sit back and en­joy as quickly as pos­si­ble. At this time of year ev­ery­thing in the gar­den would love a good feed.

If my soil has be­come hy­dropho­bic I use a nat­u­ral soil wet­ter by Plant of Health called Soil Soaker. You can get it in gran­u­lar or liq­uid. With the gran­u­lar I move back the mulch and add it to the soil around the plant’s drip line and wa­ter it in.

Af­ter­wards I use Plant of Health’s slowre­lease cer­ti­fied or­ganic fer­tiliser Or­ganic Link. It is what the Trevallan Girls use at the gar­den cen­tre and at home on ev­ery plant. It doesn’t mat­ter if it’s a na­tive, rose, camel­lia, fern or the veg­etable patch, ev­ery plant gets a dose of Or­ganic Link. I try to Or­ganic Link all my plants on the turn of ev­ery sea­son (four times a year).

If I want to give my plants an added bonus I use a nat­u­ral liq­uid fer­tiliser called Triple Boost. I mix this up into a wa­ter­ing can with some wa­ter and wa­ter it all over my plants fo­liage. Af­ter I fin­ish feed­ing my gar­den I mulch. I al­ways use or­ganic mat­ter mulches (sugar cane, bark, lucerne) be­cause they break down and add or­ganic mat­ter to the soil. This im­proves soil struc­ture and drainage, and en­cour­ages earth­worm and soil mi­cro­bial ac­tiv­ity.

Did you know that mulching stops the top of the soil dry­ing out, keep­ing the soil moist, and re­duc­ing wa­ter­ing by about 60%? Mulching also pre­vents weeds and weed seed ger­mi­na­tion, which com­pete with wanted plants for mois­ture and nu­tri­ents. Mulching can also keep the soil tem­per­a­ture con­stant.

I love herbs. I don’t do much cook­ing but when I do I find ev­ery­thing tastes bet­ter with fresh herbs. I re­cently was gifted my grand­mother’s old bak­ing dishes and pots and pans. I drilled holes in them and now I have an ec­cen­tric mix of pots and pans planted up with my herbs on my back ta­ble.

Pohlmans have a great range of herbs in their Hid­den Val­ley range. If you are af­ter some fruit trees but have ev­ery cit­rus known to man why not try blue­ber­ries, lo­gan-berries, pas­sion­fruit, figs, rasp­ber­ries, peanuts or bi­sex­ual paw paws.

Oh spring, how I love you and the way you fill the voids in my gar­den!

Trevallan Life­style Cen­tre has three great gardeinng work­shops in Spring. Phone 3201 8630 for more in­for­ma­tion.

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