Spring is in the air


Virgo AUG 24 – SEPT 24

AMAZ­ING good vibes are sur­round­ing you at the mo­ment, with the eclipse around your sign the next 12 months look­ing fan­tas­tic. Be aware of who you al­low into your in­ner circle. If they don’t sup­port you then get them out of your life. Time to kick them to the kerb and look for some­one who knows a win­ner when they see them.

Li­bra SEPT 24 – OCT 23

TIME to make big changes in your life, so get to work plan­ning a new ca­reer or soak up the sun while get­ting your body back in shape. Bring some pos­i­tive vibes back into your life – take up a new health rou­tine, yoga and med­i­ta­tion will bring back a fresh new glow to your aura.

Scor­pio OCT 24 – NOV 22

IT MAY not quite be your birth­day but there is noth­ing stop­ping you from mak­ing the big­gest wish ever. Per­sonal goals will sky­rocket, mak­ing you more pop­u­lar than ever. Set aside time to plan the per­fect party, noth­ing but caviar and cham­pagne. Throw caution to the wind and en­joy life.

Sagittarius NOV 23 – DEC 21

TO QUOTE Dolly Par­ton, working nine to five is no way to make a liv­ing but you do it with style, like a true cham­pion you lead with con­fi­dence and in­spire all around you. Now the days are get­ting longer, bask­ing in the sun­shine will bring a smile to your face. Money is com­ing your way, whether it is through shrewd in­vest­ment or a lucky wind­fall. Spend it wisely. A girl can only have so many shoes in her wardrobe.

Capri­corn DEC 22 – JAN 20

OUCH don’t for­get to watch your step this month, it could be dan­ger­ous with you car­ry­ing around all that heavy bag­gage. It is time to lighten the load a lit­tle, take some time out to spend with fam­ily and loved ones. Imag­ine laz­ing around the pool with a view to die for – some peo­ple have all the luck

Aquar­ius JAN 21 – FEB 19

DO YOU feel a lit­tle like a re­volv­ing door as you are con­stantly bat­tling your in­ner demons? It is time to take charge and stand up for what you be­lieve in. If that plan doesn’t work, per­haps you need to have some­one to run in­ter­fer­ence so you can get the jobs you need to do fin­ished on time. Head down and charge on ahead.

Pisces FEB 20 – MAR 20

TIME to set­tle down and look for some sta­bil­ity in your life. You have been flit­ting around en­joy­ing much-needed at­ten­tion but it is time to get back to re­al­ity. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dream of driv­ing around the coun­try­side look­ing for some­where nice to re­lax and re­fo­cus? If on the hunt for a ca­reer move, this is the time to go ahead with any plans as they will have a pos­i­tive out­come.

Aries MAR 21 – APR 20

IT’S no use fol­low­ing the flock – dare to be dif­fer­ent, it will stop you from be­com­ing bogged down with all the other sheep. Drive and de­ter­mi­na­tion are needed to suc­ceed this month and you have that in spades. Get ready to en­joy the high life, it doesn’t come around that of­ten but when it does it is you who will reap the benefits of your hard work.

Tau­rus APR 21 – MAY 21

BULLS, be warned there is no point cry­ing over what could have been – get over it and move on. What goes around comes around, so if you have some pos­i­tive karma com­ing, look for­ward to some ex­tra brownie points di­rected your way. You do have to watch your health. If lin­ger­ing colds won’t budge, it could be a case of let­ting go of stub­born­ness and get­ting to the doc­tor.

Gem­ini MAY 22 – JUNE 22

GEM­INI is a com­pli­cated sign. If cu­rios­ity killed the cat, you can bet the cat was a Gem­ini. With in­quis­i­tive minds, they are the great in­ven­tors of this world, rel­ish­ing ev­ery mys­tery. If you are trapped in an awk­ward sit­u­a­tion, you can have no bet­ter star sign to get you out of trou­ble.

Can­cer JUNE 23 – JULY 23

HERE are the ro­man­tic dream­ers who love to live the high life in a fantasy cas­tle with their own Prince Charm­ing – but it doesn’t al­ways go to plan. Some­times it takes ef­fort to turn fantasy into re­al­ity. You might have to do some soul search­ing this month to make sure you are mak­ing the best of your at­tributes. Don’t buy glass slip­pers un­less you’re sure the one you crave is the whole pack­age.

Leo JULY 24 – AUG 23

AN­OTHER birth­day year gone by. Leo loves to party but hates the clean-up from an­other over-the-top func­tion. It is time to put all the best china and party dec­o­ra­tions away and con­cen­trate on mak­ing solid ca­reer moves to boost the bud­get and your ego.

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