Why func­tions are on the rise


LIKE all peo­ple across this big red land of ours, Ip­swich res­i­dents love a good party.

Whether it’s a birth­day, en­gage­ment or even a wed­ding, noth­ing is bet­ter than good times with friends over qual­ity food.

Th­ese days, we are all time poor, so one thing that is grow­ing in pop­u­lar­ity is the hir­ing of a func­tion room at a premises where you are free to just turn up and have fun.

It’s nice to have a party where you don’t have to wear your­self out cook­ing, serv­ing and clean­ing through­out and af­ter the evening. Or­gan­is­ing an event can be very stress­ful if you are not ex­pe­ri­enced at it. Some­times the lo­gis­tics of run­ning an event or party can be the big­gest hur­dle. Hold­ing a func­tion at a venue takes that stress el­e­ment away by hav­ing some­one else or­gan­ise all the de­tails that most peo­ple don’t think about.

Hav­ing all the food pre­pared and served for you, set­ting up the space and clean­ing the area after­wards are taken care of leav­ing you and all your guests to just en­joy the event.

Be­ing or­gan­ised is the key to hav­ing your func­tion run smoothly, such as choos­ing menus and drinks that suit the style of func­tion and the de­mo­graphic of your guests. Do you want plat­ters and small cock­tail items or do you want to make sure your guests have a full meal? Are the ma­jor­ity of your guests big or small eaters?

This also comes into ef­fect when choos­ing what kind of drinks to serve at the func­tion. For ex­am­ple will most guests have a cou­ple of wines or sev­eral heavy beers?

Quite often, peo­ple go for a bar tab, but that de­pends on your bud­get and the num­ber of guests. Some­times bev­er­age pack­ages or a stan­dard cash bar for guests to buy their own can be more ben­e­fi­cial.

De­pend­ing on your personal bud­get you can al­low an amount per head for food and drinks or you can pay for all guests’ food and have them pay for their own drinks.

That’s the beauty of using a venue…you have lots of op­tions.

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