When the ‘per­fect storm’ hit So­nia

Her life changed in an in­stant, and here she shares her story

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So­nia’s story

When she was di­ag­nosed with can­cer, it turned into the “per­fect storm” of events for the proud mother and grand­mother from North Booval.

That same week, her daugh­ter was also di­ag­nosed and, in the fol­low­ing weeks, So­nia had to deal with two cases of ill­ness, loss of work, loss of in­come, a sud­den di­vorce and treat­ment.

To be hon­est, the fact that my daugh­ter had been di­ag­nosed with can­cer at the same time as me was the scari­est part.

Once di­ag­nosed I was put in touch with Ip­swich hos­pi­tal and, up un­til then, I’d been work­ing but didn’t have any su­per or in­surance to fall back on.

I wasn’t on Cen­tre­link and my hus­band worked over­seas but was still help­ing with the bills … right un­til we started to go through a di­vorce.

All this hap­pened at the same time.

I’d started chemo while deal­ing with ev­ery­thing, in­clud­ing a prop­erty set­tle­ment.

I then was given the de­tails about Team Cup­cake and, af­ter a phone call, they gave me a gift voucher which al­lowed me to get some gro­ceries in, and it

“You just don’t re­alise how the small­est thing can make such a dif­fer­ence.

was a god­send.

Deal­ing with Cen­tre­link was a bat­tle but I got there in the end. Of­ten I’d have to go to Spring­field for treat­ment and I didn’t have a car.

The team put me on to ComLink who helped out, and of­ten they would drive me them­selves.

I did miss a few days of treat­ment as I couldn’t get there.

Then they made meals and brought them around – so much food! I still have some in my freezer, and they re­ally helped as well.

Get­ting home from hos­pi­tal and not hav­ing to cook was won­der­ful, it made such a dif­fer­ence.

To be hon­est, think­ing about my daugh­ter, Kelly, kept my mind off my ill­ness. That’s what kept me go­ing, think­ing all the time ‘I have to be strong for her’.

I had a mas­tec­tomy and things are look­ing up, but Kelly is still un­der­go­ing treat­ment.

I see things to­tally dif­fer­ently than I did a year ago. I wake up in the morn­ing and, this sounds like a cliche, but the sky is blue and the sun is shin­ing.

I think now ‘what have I got to com­plain about?’… there’s peo­ple much worse off than me.

I’m go­ing to Perth to see my new, third grand­child for the first time and my fourth is on the way, then Kelly and I are doing a cruise next year for the first time.

Shell’s Team Cup­cake were great, they helped with gro­ceries, trans­port to treat­ment, and food drop-offs. It all helps, ev­ery lit­tle bit helps … I’m just so grate­ful to them.

I’d say to any­one in Ip­swich: vol­un­teer. It all helps. I plan to do it. You just don’t re­alise how the small­est thing can make such a dif­fer­ence to some­one’s life when they have so much to deal with al­ready.


IN IT TO­GETHER: So­nia Fauth and her daugh­ter, Kelly, who were both di­ag­nosed at the same time, set­ting off a life-chang­ing ex­pe­ri­ence for the fam­ily.

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