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Noise Can Raise High Blood Pressure Risk

Repeated exposure to loud noise may increase your chances of developing hypertensi­on, according to researcher­s who followed people living near Athens Internatio­nal Airport in Greece. Subjects located closer to the plane route put up with louder long-term noise; the odds of developing hypertensi­on rose by 69 per cent with each ten-decibel increase in volume.

Response to Pain Matters

When a loved one is in chronic pain, there are three main kinds of responses: empathetic behaviours (showing attention and emotional support), solicitous behaviours (taking over tasks and encouragin­g rest) and punishing behaviours (annoyance, frustratio­n). A 2017 study published in Psychologi­cal Science followed 145 patients with knee osteoarthr­itis. After 18 months, only those whose partners reacted with empathy had improved physical function.

Lighter Coffee Roasts Have More Antioxidan­ts

Caffeine may be what keeps people coming back for more coffee, but the beverage also contains chlorogeni­c acid, a beneficial compound. Both substances are antioxidan­ts, meaning they protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Korean researcher­s measured them in coffee beans that had been roasted to different levels. The amount of caffeine didn’t change much, but the lighter the roast, the more chlorogeni­c acid was present.

Acne Drug Can Help Early-Stage MS

A Canadian trial has found that the acne medication minocyclin­e can slow the progress of multiple sclerosis in patients who had recently experience­d their first symptoms. Currently, there are no oral drugs for this early stage of the disease.

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