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In the first months of their friendship, Johanne sent Chung a draft of the mandate for her new non-profit. It read: “Twins for Hope strives to ensure that Vietnamese children in need receive the medical, educationa­l and community support they deserve.” Kris immediatel­y wanted to help.

In December 2016, the Wagner family, including Kris, booked a five-week trip to Vietnam. The family donated rice and other foodstuffs, blankets, nappies and personal hygiene products to the orphanages; to other children, they brought much-needed footwear; and, at one vocational school, they donated new bicycles to students for their long daily commutes.

The goal is to build up resources to sustain yearly outreach trips. Currently Johanne pays for all of her work out-of-pocket, but she has big plans. She and Kris are in the process of applying for an official charitable number, which they hope will help with fundraisin­g. (Right now, it’s all done through a GoFundMe page, personal donations and merchandis­e sales.) In June, Johanne returned to the country to visit a leprosy camp.

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