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The Great Tweet-off: Rental Edition


Dodgy roommates, unstable landlords – today’s renters have a lot to deal with. And Twitter is where they vent about it all…

“My old roommate accidental­ly set our kitchen on fire one night, but he didn’t wake me up because he ‘didn’t want me to be mad’.” @HOLLYNHERO­N

“I found a bag of cheese cubes in the shower. When I asked my roommate about it, he said, ‘Oh, it’s just my shower cheese’.” @TIMDRAKE “My landlord explained our low ceilings by saying, ‘People were a lot smaller 100 years ago’.” @THEBRENPIR­E “My roommate once told me, ‘You know, most people wake up if they feel someone watching them sleep. But you don’t’.” @BELLEOFBAB­BLE

“A possum was living in the laundry room. The landlord didn’t do anything about it because ‘People seem to like it’.” @LJ_6000

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