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Murder on the Orient Express


Agatha Christie’s famous 1934 murder mystery is brought to the screen under the direction of Kenneth Branagh, who also stars as the iconic Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. Boasting an outstandin­g ensemble cast, including the likes of Dame Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penélope Cruz, Johnny Depp and Willem Dafoe, Murder on the Orient Express will thrill and entertain a new generation of ‘whodunnit’ fans.

While the plot is familiar, Branagh introduces a few surprises and takes a new approach to telling the tale. Poirot’s brilliant observatio­ns and skilful deduction must determine the murderer’s identity before another death.

The set’s attention to detail captures the opulence and grandeur of the golden age of travel; the train itself was recreated as a working, moving set and the audience feels the rhythmic motion as the train travels along its tracks.

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