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Taking Vowels


What do whiz-kids, fish sticks, miniskirts and film critics have in common? Their only vowel is the letter i. So grab your skim milk, put on your string bikini and hit this list. Then try hitchhikin­g to the next page for answers. 1. grissini n. – A: Italian breadstick­s. B: carved inscriptio­ns. C: figure skating jump.

2. dirndl n. – A: needle for darning. B: full skirt. C: spinning top.

3. limpid adj. – A: hobbling. B: perfectly clear. C: like a mollusc.

4. schism n. – A: separation. B: pithy quotation. C: deep hole.

5. kimchi n. – A: logic puzzle. B: throw rug. C: pickled dish.

6. skinflint n. – A: scam artist. B: penny-pincher. C: fire starter.

7. insipid adj. – A: bland. B: just getting started. C: undrinkabl­e.

8. fizgig n. – A: plan that fails. B: large swarm of bees. C: hissing firework.

9. jib n. – A: sharpened pencil point. B: bird’s beak. C: triangular sail.

10. philippic n. – A: internatio­nal treaty. B: charitable gift. C: tirade.

11. viscid adj. – A: sticky. B: transparen­t. C: wickedly cruel.

12. krill n. – A: tiny crustacean­s. B: peacock tail feathers. C: knitting pattern.

13. pippin n. – A: apple. B: migrating songbird. C: thumbtack.

14. pidgin n. – A: trapshoote­r’s target. B: toe turned inward. C: simplified language.

15. niblick n. – A: comic routine. B: iron golf club. C: pocket flask.

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