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Some daily habits could harm your health and hap­pi­ness. Here’s what they are and how to fix them.


1 Set­ting your alarm for the mid­dle of a REM cy­cle. Hu­mans sleep in five-stage cy­cles. Wak­ing up in the mid­dle of a REM stage (when you sleep deep­est) leaves you groggy and grumpy. How­ever, if you wake up dur­ing one of your light-sleep stages, you’ll rise feel­ing re­freshed and alert. Find your per­fect bed­time with a free site such as sleep­yti.me, which gives you four op­ti­mal bed­times based on when you need to get up, or a sleep­tracker app such as Sleep­Bot, that

uses mo­tion and sound sen­sors to wake you from the light­est phase of your cy­cle.

2 Wrin­kling your face with a cot­ton pil­low­case. “Per­sis­tently press­ing your face into a pil­low­case causes trauma to the skin,” says der­ma­tol­o­gist Den­nis Gross. “Over time, this trauma, ag­gra­vated by the fric­tion of cot­ton, can cause per­ma­nent creases as our col­la­gen breaks down.” In­stead, switch to silk or satin cases as they al­low the skin to slide, so it doesn’t pull or tug. This helps re­duce crease lines.

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