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1. James Nai­smith pre­sented the first Olympic gold medal, in 1936, for the sport he in­vented. What was it? 2 points

2. Which South Amer­i­can na­tion shares its bor­ders with the most num­ber of coun­tries? 2 points

3. You might say that Pablo Pi­casso and Ge­orges Braque lost all per­spec­tive when they started what art move­ment in the early 1900s? 1 point

4. When Soviet pol­icy was mocked at the United Na­tions in 1960, who re­sponded by bang­ing his shoe on the ta­ble? 2 points

5. Which an­i­mal falls 1.8 me­tres to the ground the mo­ment it is born? 1 point

6. Which coun­try’s flag por­trays Angkor Wat, one of the world’s largest re­li­gious mon­u­ments? 1 point 7. When dry, this cock­tail in­gre­di­ent goes into a mar­tini. When sweet, it goes into a Man­hat­tan. What is it? 1 point 8. Which New Zealand ac­tor, born in 1947, starred along­side Sean Con­nery in The Hunt For Red Oc­to­ber? 2 points 9. Which astro­nom­i­cal con­stel­la­tion is of­fi­cially ab­bre­vi­ated as “UMa”? 2 points 10. In 1995, who told a re­porter there had been three peo­ple in her mar­riage, “so it was a bit crowded”? 1 point 11. What body of wa­ter sep­a­rates Bor­neo and Sin­ga­pore? 2 points 12. What is the south­ern­most city ever to have hosted the Olympics? 1 point 13. Which Bel­gian ac­tion-film star was once a karate cham­pion? 1 point 14. Be­fore en­ter­ing the priest­hood, which pope-to-be tried his hand at act­ing and play­writ­ing? 1 point

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