It’s a Dog’s Life

For thou­sands of years, the dog has been hu­mankind’s best friend. Test your com­mand of these con­cepts con­cern­ing our faith­ful com­pan­ions

Reader's Digest Asia Pacific - - Brain Power - BY SA­MAN­THA RIDEOUT

1. fly­ball n. – A: team sport for dogs. B: hy­per­ac­tive puppy. C: ball for play­ing fetch.

2. mot­tled adj. – A: turned wild. B: marked with blotches of colour. C: not yet weaned.

3. bar­bet n. – A: French breed with woolly fur. B: purse with a pocket for a tiny dog. C: tuft of hair on the chin.

4. brachy­cephalic adj. – A: af­fected by a tu­mour. B: hav­ing an al­pha tem­per­a­ment. C: with a broad, short head.

5. slaver n. – A: overly de­mand­ing trainer. B: saliva that runs from the mouth. C: dom­i­nant dog.

6. play bow n. – A: sound made by a lonely dog. B: bow tie for a pet or child. C: play­ful ca­nine body po­si­tion.

7. dew­claw n. – A: in­ner toe that doesn’t reach the ground. B: fur on the paws. C: ca­nine ath­lete’s foot. 8. worry v. – A: es­cape a leash. B: whim­per in­ces­santly. C: gnaw at and shake with the teeth. 9. lit­ter n. – A: pup­pies born to a mother at one time. B: large ken­nel. C: dog of no de­fin­able breed. 10. guard hair n. – A: outer fur. B: sen­si­tive whiskers. C: in­ner fur. 11. over­mark v. – A: gain a per­fect score at a dog show. B: cover another an­i­mal’s scent. C: in­scribe on a col­lar. 12. cyno­pho­bia adj. – A: fear of bark­ing. B: fear of bites. C: fear of dogs. 13. whelp n. – A: soft yap­ping sound. B: young dog. C: stray dog. 14. Ar­gos n. – A: dog in Greek mythol­ogy. B: Bol­ly­wood celebrity Pomera­nian. C: Mediter­ranean breed with a short tail. 15. frolic v. – A: sniff the air. B: jump up on some­one. C: run around hap­pily.

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