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1. fly­ball – [A] team sport for dogs. Fly­ball is a re­lay race that in­volves dogs jump­ing hur­dles and catch­ing balls.

2. mot­tled – [B] marked with blotches of colour. Mocha stood out at the an­i­mal shel­ter be­cause of her strik­ing mot­tled brown and white coat.

3. bar­bet – [A] French breed with woolly fur. Its non-moult­ing coat means the bar­bet is tol­er­ated by some peo­ple who are al­ler­gic to other breeds.

4. brachy­cephalic – [C] with a broad, short head. Sadly, pugs’ brachy­cephalic fea­tures can cause them to have breath­ing dif­fi­cul­ties.

5. slaver – [B] saliva that runs from the mouth. If your dog is produ­cing more slaver than it usu­ally does, it may be a sign that it is anx­ious or nau­seous.

6. play bow – [C] play­ful ca­nine body po­si­tion. With hindquar­ters up and chest to the ground, the young dog’s play bow showed she wanted to be friends.

7. dew­claw – [A] in­ner toe that doesn’t reach the ground. Ca­nines’ dew­claws are the ves­ti­gial re­mains of a time when their dis­tant an­ces­tors climbed trees.

8. worry – [C] gnaw at and shake with the teeth. Maia’s puppy was liked to worry her chew toy for hours.

9. lit­ter – [A] Pup­pies born to a mother at one time. There are three male and two fe­males in the lit­ter.

10. guard hair – [A] outer fur. The job of guard hair is to pro­tect the soft in­su­lat­ing coat be­low.

11. over­mark – [B] cover another an­i­mal’s scent. The Dal­ma­tian con­sid­ered the back­yard his ter­ri­tory and would over­mark any un­fa­mil­iar urine he de­tected there.

12. cyno­pho­bia – [C] fear of dogs. In a bid to over­come his cyno­pho­bia, Leon de­cided to meet his sis­ter’s gen­tle-tem­pered mutt.

13. whelp – [B] young dog. Bluey, a whelp of Colin’s old cat­tle dog, is al­ready show­ing his fa­ther’s tal­ents.

14. Ar­gos – [A] dog in Greek mythol­ogy. Ar­gos was the first to recog­nise Odysseus when he re­turned home af­ter 20 years away.

15. frolic – [C] run around hap­pily. Car­men let Lucky frolic off-leash when­ever pos­si­ble.

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