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1. amoral – [B] out­side the scope of mo­ral judge­ment. A wild an­i­mal is an amoral crea­ture that sim­ply fol­lows its nat­u­ral in­stincts, with no ca­pac­ity to dis­cern good from evil.

2. mono­lin­gual – [A] speak­ing one lan­guage. As a mono­lin­gual English-speaker, James was un­able to fol­low the con­ver­sa­tion in Ital­ian.

3. neonate – [A] new­born. Dr Jane Atkin­son asked her marine bi­ol­ogy stu­dents to count the neonates in the sea-lion colony.

4. bigamy – [A] mar­riage to more than one per­son. We were shocked to learn that our grand­fa­ther had been jailed for bigamy.

5. geo­sta­tion­ary – [C] match­ing the Earth’s ro­ta­tion. In or­der to pre­vent sig­nal loss, the satel­lites re­mained in geo­sta­tion­ary or­bit above the base.

6. dys­func­tion – [A] ab­nor­mal work­ing. Sid­ney blamed fam­ily dys­func­tion in his child­hood for the prob­lems he ex­pe­ri­enced later in his life.

7. hexa­dec­i­mal – [A] of a num­ber sys­tem with a base of 16. Hexa­dec­i­mal nu­mer­als are used in com­puter pro­gram­ming be­cause it’s easy to con­vert them into bi­nary.

8. so­ciopa­thy – [B] an­ti­so­cial per­son­al­ity disorder. Don­ald’s bul­ly­ing be­hav­iour in­di­cated a cer­tain level of so­ciopa­thy.

9. periglacial – [B] of an area next to a glacier. Iris gazed over the boul­der­strewn periglacial land­scape, mar­vel­ling at its beauty.

10. mer­i­toc­racy – [C] group run by the most ac­com­plished and tal­ented. The com­pany wasn’t a mer­i­toc­racy; in­stead, the older em­ploy­ees were in charge, and had no re­gard for the abil­ity of younger work­ers.

11. bi­o­lu­mi­nes­cence – [A] pro­duc­tion of light by liv­ing or­gan­isms. Glow worms are an en­chant­ing ex­am­ple of bi­o­lu­mi­nes­cence.

12. quadra­phonic – [C] us­ing four sound chan­nels. Jay stood ad­mir­ing the res­o­nance of his new quadra­phonic speaker sys­tem.

13. li­po­suc­tion – [A] re­moval of fat. Li­po­suc­tion is a form of cos­metic surgery that is very pop­u­lar with celebri­ties.

14. bio­di­ver­sity – [B] va­ri­ety of life forms in a spe­cific area. Rain­forests pro­vide the con­di­tions for the great­est bio­di­ver­sity of any ecosys­tem on the planet.


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