Amaz­ing Ar­tic­u­la­tion

The odd spellings of the words be­low make them dif­fi­cult to pro­nounce. Don’t worry if you can’t, as long as you can guess their mean­ing.

Reader's Digest Asia Pacific - - Brain Power - BY LINDA BESNER

1. anemone n. – A: ode in iambic pen­tame­ter. B: plant of the but­ter­cup fam­ily. C: fresh­wa­ter snail.

2. quinoa n. – A: set of five. B: ed­i­ble starchy seeds. C: coat of arms.

3. isth­mus n. – A: stut­ter­ing speech dis­or­der. B: hori­zon bi­sected by the set­ting sun. C: nar­row strip link­ing two land masses.

4. peremp­tory adj. – A: im­pe­ri­ously com­mand­ing. B: along an area’s peri­me­ter. C: ad­ja­cent to valu­able real es­tate.

5. mnemonic n. – A: grow­ing. B: hav­ing a cit­rus flavour. C: mem­ory aid.

6. hy­per­bole n. – A: large branch. B: red pig­ment. C: ex­treme ex­ag­ger­a­tion.

7. delectable adj. – A: ex­tremely icy. B: detri­men­tal. C: de­light­ful.

8. inim­itable adj. – A: im­pos­si­ble to imi­tate. B: repet­i­tive. C: all-pow­er­ful.

9. ba­nal

ba­nana and adj. a – salal A: cross berry. be­tween B: in poor a taste. C: com­mon­place and bor­ing.

10. au­tochthonous adj. – A: in­dige­nous. B: speak­ing many lan­guages. C: hav­ing a sec­ond toe longer than one’s big toe.

11. in­ge­nu­ity n. – A: slight damp­ness. B: por­tion. C: qual­ity of be­ing clever, orig­i­nal and in­ven­tive.

12. re­mu­ner­a­tive adj. – A: prof­itable. B: thought­ful. C: un­co­op­er­a­tive.

13. Worces­ter­shire n. – A: yel­low china pat­tern. B: iconic maker of crys­tal wine glasses. C: English county fa­mous for a dark brown condi­ment.

14. chimera n. – A: com­mon rock that re­sem­bles sil­ver. B: il­lu­sory hope. C: small wa­ter­fall.

15. an­tiphonal adj. – A: al­ter­nately sung or played by two groups. B: afraid of talk­ing on the tele­phone. C: at the time of high tide.

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