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1. cochleate – [C] shaped like a snail shell. A sin­gle, small cochleate charm hung on a chain around Hu­rit’s neck.

2. aero­dy­namic – [B] with a shape that re­duces drag from air mov­ing past. With its sharply pointed wing tips, the swift is one of the world’s most aero­dy­namic birds.

3. stel­late – [A] star-shaped. The red, stel­late flow­ers stood out against the drab fence.

4. helix – [A] some­thing spi­ral in form. Crick and Wat­son dis­cov­ered the dou­ble helix struc­ture of DNA in 1953.

5. asym­met­ri­cal – [C] lop­sided. Dana’s new sculp­tures were asym­met­ri­cal, and Bernie feared they would top­ple over.

6. fab­i­form – [A] bean-shaped. Pro­fes­sor Khalid tried to iden­tify the tree from its large, fab­i­form leaves.

7. ob­long – [C] elon­gated. Gena did not like the ob­long cush­ions be­cause they took up so much space on the sofa.

8. scu­ti­form – [B] shield-shaped. At the re­union, Harry held high the scu­ti­form sign he had made dis­play­ing his fam­ily’s crest.

9. ta­pered

To ease in­stal­la­tion, – [C] nar­rower the metal at one pins end. were ta­pered.

10. toroidal – [B] dough­nut-shaped. Some physi­cists be­lieve that black holes can tem­po­rar­ily take on a toroidal form.

11. cor­ru­gated – [A] bent into par­al­lel folds. The shed’s cor­ru­gated walls added strength to the struc­ture.

12. cor­date – [B] shaped like a heart. Hisham’s colour­ful ta­pes­try hung on the wall, a cor­date trib­ute to his late wife.

13. nav­ic­u­lar –[C] with a boat-like form. The nav­ic­u­lar bone in the an­kle was named for its scooped-out ap­pear­ance.

14. sphere – [B] a per­fectly round ge­o­met­ri­cal ob­ject. Our so­lar sys­tem has eight sphere-shaped plan­ets be­cause a planet's grav­ity pulls equally from all sides.

15. bul­bous – [A] fat and round. The tap in the bath­room was equipped with two bul­bous han­dles for easy use.

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