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“Mur­derer! Cow­ard! Liar!” a stranger once wrote to Win­ston Churchill, en­clos­ing sav­agely sar­cas­tic verses.

“I am very sorry to re­ceive your let­ter with the ev­i­dence it gives of your dis­tress of mind,” replied Mr Churchill. “The fact that you do me the great­est in­jus­tice does not deprive you of my sym­pa­thy, since you have ob­vi­ously suf­fered so much.” HOWARD PHILIP IN THE PSY­CHOL­O­GIST, RD AU­GUST 1940 As an air raid war­den, co­me­dian Grou­cho Marx, as­signed to in­struct a class in first aid, was driven to dis­trac­tion by the stupid ques­tions asked. Fi­nally one woman said: “Mr Marx, sup­pose you went home and found your wife’s head in the oven with the gas jets on. What would you do?”

“That’s easy,” growled Grou­cho. “I’d baste her every 15 min­utes!” DOROTHY KILGALLEN, RD NOVEM­BER 1942 Alice Roo­sevelt Long­worth, 82, has been the most com­mand­ing and the most out­spo­ken fig­ure on the Wash­ing­ton, D.C., so­cial scene for many years.

A pil­low in her sit­ting room bears the words: “If You Can’t Say Some­thing Good About Some­one, Sit Right Here By Me.” JEAN VANDEN HEUVEL IN THE SATUR­DAY EVENING POST, RD DE­CEM­BER 1966

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