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Reader's Digest Asia Pacific - - December 1964 -

A na­tion re­veals it­self not only by the men it pro­duces but also by the men it hon­ours, the men it re­mem­bers. JOHN F. KENNEDY, RD JUNE 1986 Progress means noise. In­deed, we could pin­point the date when mod­ern civ­i­liza­tion was born if we could dis­cover when man first said, “Turn that thing down!” BILL VAUGHAN, RD JULY 1978 Par­ents who ex­pect or want their chil­dren to “ap­pre­ci­ate” what they have done for them usu­ally find that the chil­dren feel re­sent­ful or re­bel­lious when they grow older. A noted psy­cho­an­a­lyst points out that the love of the par­ents goes to the chil­dren – and the love of the chil­dren goes to their chil­dren. A par­ent should try to rear a child not so much to be a du­ti­ful child as to be a good par­ent. SYD­NEY HAR­RIS, US JOUR­NAL­IST, RD JULY 1986 Never seem more learned than the peo­ple you are with. Wear your learn­ing like a pocket-watch and keep it hid­den. Do not pull it out to count the hours, but give the time when you are asked. LORD CHESTERFIELD, WHO, IN THE 18TH CEN­TURY, WROTE AL­MOST DAILY TO HIS SON ON HOW TO BE A GENTLE­MAN, RD SEPTEM­BER 1981 Books say, “She did this be­cause.” Life says, “She did this.” Books are where things are ex­plained to you, whereas in life things aren’t.

I’m not sur­prised that some peo­ple pre­fer books. Books make sense. The only prob­lem is that the lives they make sense of are other peo­ple’s lives, never your own. JU­LIAN BARNES, RD MARCH 1997

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