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Set the ta­ble with these food-styling tricks for ev­ery sea­son

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EG­G­PLANT Solanum me­l­on­gena

These make a real im­pact when kept in­tact and grouped with pur­ple fruits.

ROCKMELON Cu­cumis melo var. can­talu­pen­sis

Dis­play whole, like a sculp­ture. When it’s cut in half to eat, the left­over half will still look great.

DOUGH­NUT PEACH Prunus per­sica var. platy­carpa

A plate of these cute peaches will make a su­per sweet ta­ble cen­tre­piece in sum­mer.

LY­CHEE Litchi chi­nen­sis

The del­i­cate size of ly­chees will look beau­ti­ful scat­tered over a white scal­loped ce­ramic plate.

LOQUAT Eri­obotrya japon­ica

Dis­play a branch of these small golden globes along a ta­ble or stand­ing in a tall vase.

BIT­TER MELON Mo­mordica cha­ran­tia

Ar­range this tac­tile fruit on a mar­ble or wooden board for an in­stant talk­ing point.

ROSE AP­PLE Syzy­gium jam­bos

Whether you grow or buy them, this pretty pink fruit looks beau­ti­ful on a cake stand.

NASHI PEAR Pyrus pyri­fo­lia

For a win­ter din­ner party, put some honey-hued pears in a brass Cham­pagne bucket.

CHERRY Prunus avium

Per­fect for the Christ­mas ta­ble. Pile them high in a footed bowl with the stems at­tached.

QUINCE Cy­do­nia ob­longa

The citron hue looks es­pe­cially el­e­gant against a grey table­cloth or ce­ment sur­face.

GLOBE AR­TI­CHOKE Cy­nara scoly­mus

Buy with long stems and ar­range a bunch in a large cylin­dri­cal vase or pitcher.

PA­PAYA Car­ica pa­paya

Cre­ate a trop­i­cal cock­tail party vibe with a pa­paya or two cut in half and a whole pineap­ple.

MANGO Mangifera in­dica

A sum­mer ta­ble isn’t com­plete without a big, coloured-glass bowl of ripe man­goes.

FIG Fi­cus car­ica

Halve or quar­ter the fruit and ar­range on top of an el­e­vated plat­ter with a bunch of grapes.

LE­MON Cit­rus limon

A big bowl of lemons en masse with some leaves at­tached feels oh-so Mediter­ranean.

OKRA Abel­moschus es­cu­len­tus

Fill a brass bowl with these finger-shaped greens. Buy in sum­mer and au­tumn.


Fill a tall cylin­dri­cal glass vase with lots of ap­ples. Their colour needs no ex­tra em­bel­lish­ment.

BEURRE BOSC PEAR Solanum me­l­on­gena

Sculp­tural pears, stand­ing up­right or on their sides, look el­e­gant in moody set­tings.

PASSIONFRUIT Pas­si­flora edulis

Chan­nel the colours of the Amalfi with the halved fruit on a brightly painted ce­ramic plate.

KIWIFRUIT Ac­tini­dia de­li­ciosa

Place a few halved ki­wis in a bowl of mixed fruit to show off the speck­led green cen­tres.

SNAKE BEANS Vigna un­guic­u­lata ssp. sesquipedalis

Avail­able most of the year, drape these vi­brant ve­g­ies over eg­g­plant or to­ma­toes.

CUS­TARD AP­PLE An­nona retic­u­lata

The knob­bly skin suits a rus­tic ta­ble set­ting – think tim­ber, hes­sian and tawny-hued linen.

PER­SIM­MON Diospy­ros vir­gini­ana

In­sert a few per­sim­mons in an au­tumn fruit dis­play – that vi­brant orange red will pop.

POME­GRAN­ATE Pu­nica grana­tum

Spread pome­gran­ate wedges over an emer­ald-green plat­ter; the seeds will look like jew­els.

BUD­DHA’S HAND Cit­rus med­ica var. sar­co­dactylis

This finger-like citron fruit will make a strik­ing cen­tre­piece and al­ter­na­tive to flow­ers.

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