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Rau­cous all-fe­male garage rock from Spain

all-fe­male four-piece Hinds have stormed out of their na­tive Madrid with an en­er­getic lo-fi garage rock sound driven by the taut beats of drum­mer Am­ber Grim­ber­gen. Rowdy and well-re­ceived sets at Coachella and Glas­ton­bury have boosted their pro­file all around the world as Am­ber and co con­tinue to make be­ing in a band seem like un­ques­tion­ably the best fun pos­si­ble. New al­bum IDon’tRun dis­plays a grow­ing ma­tu­rity to their play­ing but still with a keen sense of joy­ous pop on the ar­rest­ing ‘New For You’, ‘Sober­land’ and ‘I Feel Cold But I Feel More’.

What was your in­tro­duc­tion to drum­ming?

“When I was 10 or 11 years old, my par­ents owned a restau­rant and I spent all the week­ends there. It was fun be­cause all the work­ers were my sis­ters’ friends that were like 17, 18 years old and the vibe was awe­some. One of the chefs was al­ways cook­ing with head­phones on and singing out loud, one day I asked him what he was lis­ten­ing to and he handed me his iPod; it was

What­ev­erPeo­pleSayIAm… by the Arc­tic Mon­keys and I freaked out! It was my first con­tact with con­tem­po­rary rock and I loved it so much!My sis­ter’s house had a re­hearsal place in the base­ment with a drum kit, and one day I sneaked in, ob­sessed with that band, and the first thing I saw was the kit, so I just started hit­ting it, and later my sis­ter’s boyfriend taught me how to play.”

Who are your drum­ming he­roes?

“Matt Helders of Arc­tic Mon­keys of course, Ki­ran Ghandi and Chloe Saave­dra of Chaos Chaos.”

Which Hinds song per­fectly cap­tures your sound and style?

“I think the en­tire new al­bum does, I couldn’t pick just a song. I felt more con­fi­dent writ­ing the drums for this record and I think I fi­nally found a style I’m com­fort­able with. I didn’t take a lot of classes,I mostly learnt how to play by teach­ing my­self, and I think that helped me to have an open mind about what isr‘ight’ and what’s not.”

What has been the proud­est mo­ment of your ca­reer to date?

“I feel so proud just with the fact I am in a band that’s able to tour and to travel all around, it’s a crazy thought. I grew up in a litle town and there were a lot of bands, but no one ever dreamed about tour­ing… so I am very grate­ful for this, but I am the proud­est when I lis­ten to our records! Record­ing in a stu­dio and shar­ing all that mu­sic is the best achieve­ment and feel­ing.”

Best drum­ming ad­vice you have been given?

“I went to a group mu­sic class for four years in high school, a bunch of kids with in­stru­ments play­ing cov­ers and play­ing them in front of our par­ents twice a year in a the­atre. We had this amaz­ing teacher, called Mika Se­lander, who kept on say­ing, ‘How do we lis­ten? Half-ear for you, the rest for the rest,’ and I wouldn’t have been able to play in a band with­out that sen­tence.”

What gear are you us­ing?

“I am very proud of my drum kit! I bought my first one when I was 13. It was a cheap se­cond-hand one and hon­estly, it was s**t and ugly, but it worked for me at that time… Last year I fi­nally got my­self a good one, a beau­ti­ful Gretsch Catalina Maple and it’s sparkling blue. I use Paiste for the hi-hats, Turk­ish for crash and Zild­jian for ride. The el­e­ment I am most proud of is my pink sticks! I saw pink sticks for the first time in a Gui­tar Cen­ter in Cal­i­for­nia and I fell in love, but they are im­pos­si­ble to find, soI had to order them on­line andI got like 24 pairs at once a few months ago!”

How do you ap­proach play­ing live with Hinds?

“A beer be­fore a show, and some dur­ing, al­ways helps! Beer makes me feel more com­fort­able on stage. We want to make peo­ple dance and we want them to feel as free as us, with maybe some mosh pits!”

Do you play any other in­stru­ments?

“I don’t. Both of my par­ents are baroque mu­si­cians, and be­fore play­ing drums, I tried it all!My dad tried to teach me oboe andI hated it, then I played vi­o­lin for three years, and I hated it;I played pi­ano for two years, and I re­gret quit­ting, but my teacher sucked!I’ve tried gui­tar but strings are su­per hard for me… though one day at the stu­dio Ade and me switched in­stru­ments and jammed.”

What is the one piece of gear you couldn’t live with­out?

“My ride cym­bal, it’s a 20” Zild­jian A Cus­tom. It’s su­per thick and heavy, but it’s the only ride cym­bal I like when I hit it hard and soft, oth­ers just an­noy me, haha!”

What’s the key to a great live per­for­mance?

“A good warm-up. Usu­ally we bring a mini speaker to play songs back­stage be­fore a show, and the best warm-up is some cheer-up songs and beer. My favourite picks are ‘Un­writ­ten’ by Natasha Bed­ing­field, ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ by Shakira and ‘Blow Your Mind’ by Dua Lipa…”

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