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More hard-rock bad-as­sery from the UK Mid­lands

Clas­sic rock is alive and well on these shores thanks to bands like last month’s In­tro­duc­ing stars Stone Bro­ken, and a band who have re­cently toured with those fel­low Mid­lan­ders, The Bad Flow­ers. The Can­nock three-piece have just re­leased their de­but al­bum

Start­ingGun and have a ton of fes­ti­val ap­pear­ances lined up over the sum­mer, at which you can catch their hook-heavy, riff-tastic and bom­bas­tic rock style, driven from the kit by the es­timable drum tal­ents of Karl Selickis.

What was your in­tro­duc­tion to drum­ming?

“Drum­ming has al­ways been part of the fam­ily, start­ing with my un­cle, he played quite a lot and even at the early age of two years old I used to sit be­hind his kit and just bang and make a noise!At the age of 11 I started tak­ing drum lessons at my se­condary school which taught me the ba­sics andI’ve been self-taught ever since.”

Who are your drum­ming he­roes?

“There are so many peo­ple I could name but over the years I’ve al­ways found my­self talk­ing about the same three drum­mers who I can eas­ily class as true in­spi­ra­tions and my drum­ming he­roes! First, Mike Port­noy for his drum­ming skill, knowl­edge and charisma has al­ways stood out amongst the rest for me! Se­condly, the leg­end him­self, John Henry Bon­ham – the man’s groove and feel was phe­nom­e­nal and I think I speak for mil­lions he has in­spired across the world! And last but by no means least, Foo Fight­ers’ Dave Grohl for his hard hit­ting and ex­cit­ing style of play­ing!”

Which Bad Flow­ers song per­fectly captures your sound and style?

“I think all of the songs I play on have my own style, how­ever I think our song ‘City Lights’ shows that style off the most – it shows hard hit­ting, a va­ri­ety of tempo changes on which I can throw loads of ghosts notes in, and it lets my an­i­mal-like char­ac­ter shine through!”

What has been the proud­est mo­ment of your ca­reer to date?

“There have been many mo­ments over the years that have made me stand back and think, ‘Wow! Did that just hap­pen?!’ But I hon­estly think the proud­est mo­ment to date has to be the re­lease of our de­but al­bum Start­ingGun which came out last month. We re­ally have poured our hearts and souls into that al­bum and is def­i­nitely some­thing I am ex­tremely proud of!”

What’s the best drum­ming ad­vice you have been given?

“From Robin Guy: ‘Prac­tise ev­ery sin­gle day and if you can’t ev­ery day, then ev­ery sin­gle spare mo­ment you get, but most im­por­tantly make sure you en­joy ev­ery sin­gle sec­ond of it.’”

What gear are you us­ing?

“I cur­rently use a five-piece Tama Su­per­star Hyper­drive, 10" rack, 14" and 16" floor toms and a Tama Big Black Steel 14"x8" snare drum. I use Sabian cym­bals, 18" and 19" crashes, a 21" ride cym­bal and 14" hats – all AAX range. I use Evans G2 Coated tom skins, Evans heavy­weight bass bat­ter head and a heavy­weight snare head too! As for drum sticks I use Pro­mark 2S.”

How do you ap­proach play­ing live with The Bad Flow­ers?

“I al­ways ap­proach a live show with a fun pro­fes­sional at­ti­tude! I want to get be­hind my kit and do the best job I can I terms of keep­ing a solid beat be­hind the guys, but hav­ing as much fun as pos­si­ble!I’ve al­ways said, if I could play gui­tar or sing I would take full ad­van­tage of the stage space, but see­ing as I’m a drum­mer andI have to stay in one spotI try to make my per­for­mance as en­ter­tain­ing for the crowd as I can.”

Do you work off the gui­tar or bass in cre­at­ing parts and grooves?

“The ma­jor­ity of the time I fol­low Dale’s bass lines and make sure we re­ally lock in through­out the song but on the odd oc­ca­sion and in some songs I fol­low Tom’s gui­tar lines more so, so I guess it re­ally de­pends on the feel of the song.”

What is the one piece of gear you couldn’t live with­out?

“I sup­pose my Hard­cases, not only do they pro­tect my kit to ev­ery bang and knock they take in the back of the van but they make it so easy for me to move and store my kit with­out me hav­ing to worry about them get­ting dam­aged!”

What have you got com­ing up that you’re most ex­cited about?

“We’ve been booked for a fair few fes­ti­vals this year, the likes of Steel­house Fes­ti­val, Stone Free Fes­ti­val, Hard Rock Hell Fes­ti­val, Teddy Rocks Fes­ti­val and more that haven’t been an­nounced yet. I’m re­ally look­ing for­ward to get­ting out on the road play­ing to loads of new peo­ple and making lots of new friends.”

What’s the key to a great live per­for­mance?

“I hon­estly do be­lieve the key to a good per­for­mance is hav­ing fun and in­ter­act­ing with your au­di­ence! As well as of course making sure you keep a solid back­beat for the guys up front.”

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