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I would de­scribe my drum­ming style as…

“I love to play jazz, Latin, pop, but the style clos­est to my heart is jazz.”

The se­cret to play­ing drums well is…

“This is some­thing I think about ev­ery day. I have de­cided it is to find which sound, feel and mood is re­ally YOU. Learn to play from your imag­i­na­tion, not your ex­er­cise book. Have com­plete con­fi­dence in your­self that you LOVE what you are play­ing. Be in­spired by oth­ers. Mas­ter the tech­nique needed to play straight from your imag­i­na­tion. The brain works faster than the body, so it feels amaz­ing when we are able to keep up with it!”

I use….

“Sonor S Clas­six drums: 22”x20", 10"/12"/14" toms; Sakae 12" snare drum. Zild­jian K 20" ride, Bospho­rus 21" ride, Zild­jian K 18" Ses­sion crash, Meinl Byzance Ex­tra Dry Dual 15" hi-hats, Turk­ish Cym­bals 10" Comet splash. Crash­ers, tri­an­gle, Gon Bops cow­bell, jam block, Meinl bon­gos. I am en­dorsed by Pro­tec­tion Racket – com­pletely re­li­able, hon­est and bril­liant. I feel like I am part of an ex­tended fam­ily.”

My first drum­set was…

“A lit­tle red Aria kit. I was a small child, and af­ter this kit, my dad bought me a 22"x20" kick to help me play louder. I still have it, and I am now very loud!”

My favourite drum­mers ever to date are…

“Steve Gadd, Ralph Salmins (my old teacher), Chris Dave, Vin­nie Co­laiuta, Bernard Pur­die.”

Self-taught or lessons?

“Lessons. I also played in a lo­cal big band called Lin­ton Jazz from when I was 11 un­til 16 years old, which taught me so much and had a big in­flu­ence on my play­ing.”

Best drum­ming ad­vice I’ve ever been given…

“Play the tune. Leave space.”

What I’m up to right now is…

“Landymeaux is an elec­tro/acous­tic duo with my brother Ben Landy­more. I will of­ten record the drums on his songs. Now we have a live show.”

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